Manual de Truficultura Andaluza. Morcillo M, Moreno-Arroyo B, Pulido E, Sánchez M. 1ªed. Ed. Fundación Gypaetus. Consejería de. Read the latest magazines about Truficultura and discover magazines on Yumpu .com. Manual de Truficultura aquí – Micología Forestal Aplicada · micofora. We have more than forty years experience in the truffle world and we offer our services that encompass the whole truffle production process. C/ Aragón, 9

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Aspect of a well-developed holm oak. He is co-author of the latest book on truffle farming: This percentage refers to the fine apexes or finest root ends that can be mycorrhizated.

Viveros y Truficultura “Hnos. Salvador Redón”

These nests are made from mid-March to mid-June in productive plantations and in plantations about to begin production. The type of symbiosis that plants form with fungi varies from one type of plant to another. While growing any agricultural crop requires knowledge and manuwl to be successful, in the case of the truffle, the balance between two living beings, seedling and fungus, must be respected and presents additional difficulties.

manuap More than satisfied customers: Two factors are responsible for this more commercial form and size of the truffles: If necessary, we also provide on-site counseling. We usually begin checking the batches to evaluate the state of mycorrhization in late September and throughout October. Pedro Marco, is a researcher at Zaragoza University. The white truffle is known as such because, in contrast to the black truffle, its interior is lighter in color, while its exterior is equally black.

Once the entire process of the mycorrhization has been completed, two internal controls are made to verify our results: The distribution of vegetation in a territory is determined by a series of factors such as altitude witch determines the bio-climactic floorsprecipitation wich determines the ombroclimaand the type of soil. Map of the distribution of the truffle in Spain.

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At the same time, they are a very important natural resource from the economic perspective. The type A inoculant substrate for trufficulture. We study the terrain and climate.


Introducing trufciultura most appropriate mix for an early and sustained truffle production can generate greater profits for the truffle grower. The map shows the distribution of these truffle species, as described in detail below: At this stage of the plantation, the soil is usually not tilled.

These advantages for both parties described here are only the most important ones. The black truffle Tuber melanosporum is the best known and most valued, but it is limited to certain zones due to the highly specific environmental trufiucltura it requires. Disinfection of the acorn to eliminate contaminants prior to its planting.

We have examined significant numbers of roots collected at plantations primarily of clients, but also of truffle growers who are not clients who have requested this service we offer; we have visited numerous plantations of different ages, some producing, others not, and also, as is only natural given our profession, we have provided advice to the many people who have placed their trust in us… and most importantly, we have observed with an open and receptive attitude, we have listened to experienced truffle hunters and expert truffle growers; we have attended and participated in scientific forums, carefully read the many existing publications on truffles, commented on and contrasted certain cultivation practices, etc.

Truffle books – Micofora

Dry tguficultura also cause its size to diminish, as also happens at the end of its ,anual. An abundance of mycorrhizas of black truffle and the absence of contaminants.


Sometimes, not all of the controlled batches are suitable for sale, nor are all the batches controlled. They can be dug when the plantation is years old. Some of the pamphlets we have used and distributed at trade fairs over the course of all thse years to promote the cultivation of black truffles.

Among the types of ombroclimas we can find in this floor is the sub-humid one, suitable for the black truffle, and the dry one mm of annual average precipitationwhich is more suitable to trufjcultura summer truffle, given the range of precipitations the summer truffle can put up with is greater.

We can carry out forestry actions in combination or not with periodic inoculations that can notably improve the production of the woodland.

This is why it is important to have some type of irrigation system and in this case in particular Albacete, Murcia, etc. These nests hidden in the soil significantly improve the production of plantations in comparison to what they would produce without them. Average retail price for the truffle grower in recent years. The process of mycorrhization and the precautions necessary to produce a quality seedling are the following: If you would like a small number of seedlings, trunks with mushrooms or even fresh truffles, visit our online store.

Xavier Vilanova Sola studied biology and became doctor in microbiology in