– Buy Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in Bengali book online at best prices in India on Read Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in. Mandrake,Phantom, Bahadur, Flash Gordon, Dara & Rip Kirby. About the rest,I read them more like a general comic-fan but I don’t miss them,to. Aantim Manav(অন্তিম মানব),originally from D(The Wonder that Amazed the World ; ),is based on a fantasy plot of a giant man.

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Imagination ran wild as I dreamt of travelling to distant galaxies and fighting with evil aliens!

I had to leave behind some, because they were unfortunately incomplete. The price of the comic was a princely 0. I have been feasting on these comics since last Sunday, devouring them one by one.

Diana asked is it broken by storm but phantom replied the basket was not broken it is chopped. Great Narration, I like the way the legendary origins of the phantom is emphasized with the words,’For those who came in late’ and how the story mandraoe cuts back to the present phantom.

Galposamagra by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay in 2 parts. More books of Bengali Mandrake Comics will be uploaded soon. I loved the article written by Shalabh Mohan. Maybe we should have an authority for comic grading and for publishing comic book price guides in our country like in the US so that the prices are regulated to an extent. Porer sankhyar janye ruddhoswashe apekkha kore roilam.

Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 7: Diana and phantom came to walker’s table and surprisingly they found the rope and basket which used as elevator, was broken.


Bengali Indrajal Comics

Things have been changed,for better! Here is my own answer and I want to share your experience too. An excellent write up for a discussion.

A lot of the comics were in parts, i. Yes,u guessed it right!

In between there were bemgali customers who were trying to get to other magazines and novels, whom I quelled with a strong glare.

Bengali ComicsMandrake. A haul of 20 odd Indrajals in one single-day meant a lot for me and my brother in those days! Phantom-One of the very first superhero like character that I was exposed to during my childhood first through Diamond Comics and then through Indrajal. My favorites were Phantom the ghost who walksMandrake the magicianBahadur the brave etc.

Bought some Phantoms and Mandrakes directly from the DC office,but the new re-prints do not have the same charm of the older versions,somehow.

We do cherish those moments!: After Twenty Years, I saw person who born after stopping IJC also interested in those comics and spend huge money for collecting Indrajal comics. Many a times I have been transported to Xanadu or the office of inter-intel. Their meeting was quite dramatic as Bahadur had this wrong impression that Bela was faking that kidnapping story of her father and hence tried to capture her Rip Kirby-Have always been fascinated by detective stories and it was no surprise that I got hooked on to the bengli of Manfrake kirby.

Still remember rushing home from school day after day and eagerly inquiring with my mom if the VPP from diamond had arrived,starting the second week of every month! For any further inquiry email me. In those years all fans,like you and me,had to put much more effort than the latter fans,but no complain!


I guess it’s plenty! The good old days of mandarke single digit prices for a copy of Indrajal mnadrake never come back. For better experience you may use Google Chrome for reading books online.

Times of India stop publishing IJC in Sunday, May 9, A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his th birth anniversary.

Indrajal Comics (Covers in Bengali)

Suddenly found your blog! From your write-up,I think you were one of the ’90s comic-buffs but might be wrong. And hey,she is expecting!!

More popular books of Bonoful will be upload Walker-Thank you very much for your appreciation. I took a bunch of comics, closed the almirah and jump on bed to start reading. People who have any information on where these bemgali can be got in bulk may please put it on the site.

Specially I loved how they have portrayed as mental-giants too and not any dumbs!

El hosting gratuito ha llegado al final de su vida útil.

In the other hand, a forum is kind of a platform where everyone can share their thoughts from an equal position. What kind of comic would you get in Rs. LearningExpress; 2nd second Edition Bengqli the missing Ijcs,the current rates are almost absurd and hence impossible to buy for regular fans.