Douce Dame Jolie was composed in the C14th by Guillaume de Machaut who lived between and around the area of Rheims in. Title: Douce Dame Jolie. Composer: Guillaume de Machaut. Date of request: Requested by: Claudia Royston. Additional notes: I.

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English translation Sweet, lovely lady for God’s sake do not think that any has sovereignty over my heart, but you alone. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sweet, lovely lady for God’s sake do not think that any has sovereignty over my heart, but you alone.

The beloved becomes a sickness, an adversary who is aware doucce the torment they cause but offers no respite or relief. You can hear this in the sounds of Douce Dame just as you do in Hildegaarde of Bingen or Gregorian chant.

Douce Dame Jolie: Machaut’s ghostly music of love and death | Giaconda’s Blog

Another aspect of the lyrics of Douce Dame relates to constancy and devoted service. Status was a feature of machut love because the lady was literally elevated above the poet by her social status as well as by her untouchability.

The Art of Roland Hayes. Et quant ma maladie Garie Ne sera nullement Sans vous, douce anemie, Qui lie Estes de mon tourment, A jointes mains deprie Vo cuer, puis qu’il m’oublie, Que temprement m’ocie, Car trop langui longuement.

Request:Douce Dame Jolie (Guillaume de Machaut)

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is an example of the genre known as the virelai, one of the fixed formes of the fourteenth century the others were the ballade and the rondeau. The first phrase introduces the beautiful, remote object of adoration, the conventions of courtly love are established and the faint echoes of the Marian cult of the C12th which did so much to influence the troubadors.


You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Machaut also wrote many pieces of sacred music including his famous Messe de Notre DameMass for our Lady, the first mass which can be attributed to one composer. Jazz Latin New Age.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A haunting medieval song about courtly love and death. This reflects a quasi-religious quality in secular medieval music which goes to the core of the sentiments being macnaut.

Grinning cadavers catch hold of the hands in a vice-like grip, twirling their victims around and around as they drag them down into the waiting pits. Introspection Late Night Partying. Many contemporary performers continue to sing versions of the song with different tempi and voice styles but it remains consistently haunting and intoxicating to the ear.

Machaut: Douce dame jolie

There is a strong rhythmical structure jolir the virelai form which lends itself to the expression of longing and reiterated complaints of unrequited love. Douce Dame Jolie was composed in the C14th by Guillaume de Machaut who lived between and around the area of Rheims in France.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. From the Middle Ages to Dowland and Purcell. Life had been precarious and beautiful and heart-breaking before but something about the scale and speed and random cruelty of the Black Death touched the very soul of humanity during the C14th.


Although courtly love had altered by the time of Machaut, his diuce and lyrics echo that long tradition of setting the beloved on a pedestal and adoring them from afar. Comp Date before The poets of the Occitaine region usually sang and doce for the courts of great lords and ladies and the troubadors were often drawn from aristocratic circles themselves. List of compositions by Guillaume de Machaut. One of the most famous musical pieces of the Middle Ages, ‘Douce Dame’ has been performed by a plethora of artists, mostly but not always in medieval style.

Came inhabits the same mind-space and touches the same aesthetic regions of the soul despite being grounded in cat gut and wood and human vocal chords and even through the lens of so many centuries it reaches out to us with a message of longing and shared humanity which speaks to something deep inside ourselves.

AllMusic Douxe Composition Noteworthy. Again, the tempo of the music and circular motion of the melody assist the impression of being caught up in something that the poet is incapable of breaking free from. Share on facebook twitter tumblr.

The song is a virelaibelonging to the style ars novaand is one of the most often heard medieval tunes today.