For the most part, the LUG version pretty much assumes your PCs are Starfleet. The Decipher version doesn’t. You can create any Trek type of. Memory Icon is the new home for the ICON-system content of the gaming site. All the Links to other Star Trek and ICON System resources. Last Unicorn Games’ Star Trek rpg, first published in , runs on an engine the designers called the ICON System. ICON brims with the sort.

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Many additional books and supplements were planned, and quite a few had various chapters already written, in varying degrees of completion.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While there, check out his very handy “Mirror, Mirror” Universe game aid! Unlike current web enhancements, which are simply additions that can be added to the end of a book, LUG took a unique approach, by planning the enhancements ahead of time, and printing a small Icon symbol at various points in a given book, informing the reader that additional material on the subject-at-hand was available on the company’s website to read or download and print.

John Ross has posted his unfinished manuscripts on the Untaken Treks pages of his website. There’s a lot of material here — 15 chapters’ worth!

Many of the supplements produced by Last Unicorn Games to support the system are excellent and contain luh lot of imagination and story seeds. For instance, a science officer has to get a sensor lock on a target every round of combat. If it had been designed today, I suspect it would look quite different. Starship combat is deep and crunchy and simulates what you see on the TV show in many ways.

Any additional crew beyond that is gravy. Viewed through that lens, Rtek does just fine. But you usually end up with unwieldy bags of mostly skills. These enhancements are now being stored online, and can be downloaded from Memory Iconunder the Icon Links section. Star Trek role-playing game Last Unicorn. But, just like melee combat, starship battles play pretty slowly, at least in my experience.


Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn)

The series, at least in the prime TNG universe, often favored character development and ethical dilemmas over cinematic and detailed action. I prefer to do it once and then follow that order through the entire combat which I try not to let drag on much past three rounds at a maximum.

Individual works are the property of respective authors and may not be reproduced without permission. Science fiction Star Trek. The organization has been in operation for twenty years! One look at the standard character sheet, with its 24 blank slots for skills, should convince anyone that this game comes with a little bit of a learning curve.

I plan on reviewing individual supplements right here on this blog in future installments. He also provides a comprehensive price list that covers possibly every piece of equipment to appear in a LUGTrek rulebook! The Lost Episodes pages of his website.

Star Trek Role Playing Game (LUG) | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

John Ross, writer of role playing products and for Last Unicorn Games. See the legal page for more information. That lazer-like focus on creating a uniquely Trek platform pretty much saves the game and makes it a viable option today. I’ve heard it’s more abstract and story focused. You need someone to fly the ship, fire weapons and keep track of shield strength and structural points.

Last Unicorn Games was one of the first roleplaying companies to utilise the concept of releasing additional pages for published books via the web.

You’re not the first person I’ve heard say they prefer Decipher’s take on starship combat. So character generation succeeds in providing you with a pile of mechanics that approximate the kind of character you want to play.


Contains info about the ship as well as mission logs for the adventures the group has played. Then, I simply have the bad guys respond appropriately to whatever the PCs decide. I can almost see the game designers sitting around a conference table hashing out just how they can give every player something fun to do during starship combat while simultaneously keeping the system flexible enough to work with smaller groups.

If everyone keeps that tenet in mind, a gaming group can have a blast with LUG Trek. Swift’s analysis of economy in Star Trek.

Another mechanic that slows down the flow of combat is dodging. Includes house rules, new ships and equipment, and even a little humor!

Deep Space Nine Role-playing Frek. Retrieved from ” https: But the system takes a turn toward inelegance with the sheer number of skills each character will end up with. Have a site to add?

Star Trek Role Playing Game (LUG)

Accordingly, I try to make combat move as quickly as possible in my Star Trek campaign. I found that the starship combat was the weakest part of the game because it was too detail oriented like a wargame keeping track of energy points.

And all right on the border of dtar official. If you want a less Starfleet-focused campaign, there are options for raiders, merchants and spies in the DS9 core book and further options in the wide range of supplements Last Unicorn Games published while they had the Star Trek license.

The downside is that starship combat, more than any other component of the system, comes with a learning curve that makes it somewhat difficult to teach new players.