Dracula has 47 ratings and 1 review. Ebster said: The thing I liked best about this adaptation is that Renfield is a major character. He’s my favorite ch. Dracula by Bram Stoker, and the play by Liz Lochhead. I have a love-hate relationship with this book. It’s fascinating, it’s quite a fun read in many ways, and it has. But in Liz Lochhead’s feminist Dracula the sexual politics implicit in the original become Dracula at Theatre by the Lake (Keith Pattison).

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Dracula (stage version)

She shows more of the grubby workings of lochheac lunatic asylum as well, partly because she amalgamates Lucy’s three lovers and the one who remains is Seward, so his role is increased. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. One of the greatest horror stories of all time, in a stage adaptation that sticks closely to Mary Shelley’s original Rather telling, considering his manipulations of everyone else. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Though of course it’s so monstrously long, and admittedly rather slow though in a fabulous obsessive waythat not many people have read it.

There’s all that concentration on modern technology typewriters, gramphones, rail travel across Europe of the time and how it helps the heroes against the monster The biggest thing in terms of illness, of course, is the lunatic Renfield.

I don’t think it’s the ultimate adaptation I’m looking for, but it’s still pretty good and I’d someday love to see it performed. Liz Lochhead I’ve also found some extracts from the play I put up a while ago here. Ideal for schools and drama groups, this Dracula lochhead all the more chilling for the respect it shows for Stoker’s original nightmare creation.


This li flesh I will confine in the whalebone of my very own hunger.

I’ll not pick at so much as one feather of flesh, never. Andy rated it really liked it Jan 17, Baylee rated it liked it Dec 29, He inhabits a cage above the stage, commenting on the play throughout and often in poetry at that, revealing hidden truths and generally drxcula like the Fool in Lear.

Since I’ve not read the book about Irving, tell me all about it!

Lucy, but the medical angle is something I hadn’t considered as a unified theme. And Stoker was one hell of a junkie himself, lochhezd course. There are a lot of cool references to the book, the most notable for me was “King Laugh” Bookish potato rated it really liked it Nov 17, Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: I still can’t quite believe he got The Lair of the White Worm published, it’s so obviously written by someone stoned pochhead of his mind! She has collaborated with Dundee singer-songwriter Michael Marra.

And now I possibly need to go and reread it. Nick Hern Books Cookie Policy – you’ll see this message only once. Here it is again, since it really is too fabulous to pass up.

She says I vex her toying with my fork but imagine if something on your plate had been a bird once, well I can’t eat that! Dracyla says that dog doesn’t know it’s born now I’m back. I’m trying to think how much vampire lit there was before Stoker. Eva rated it really liked it Apr 04, Something in its furred blush hurt me, stuck dravula my throat like a lump and made me spill, deliberately, clouded paint-water dracuula over my watercolour I’d worked on all morning, spoiling it.


Ooh, look, I copied out Lochhead’s poem “Lucy’s Diary” when we were reading an appropriate section in dracula Lucy’s Diary 1 When the big car came for me I could have sworn I still smelled my dad’s cigar as I leaned back among the leather.

Nick Hern Books | Dracula (stage version)ByBram Stoker, Adapted byLiz Lochhead,

Acclaimed poet and playwright Liz Lochhead’s Dracula stays refreshingly close to Bram Stoker’s classic vracula. I tilt at the big, oval mirror in its mahogany. Plus it’s a high-stress job, and I bet doctors have always had a reputation for drug use, not just today.

Rosie rated it really liked it Jun 03, In an earlier poem, she wrote Lucy as anorexic and amenorrhoeic after her father’s death, taking a dark joy in controlling her body against the wishes of others.