Me habló un sacerdote del libro, lo compré y me impactó con muchos Al empezar a leer los escritos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, en julio de , estoy However, reading about Vassula Ryden’s experience with Christ and her inner. Lazos que unen a Vassula Ryden con el Padre Guido Sommavilla y el espiritismo Ryden, como indicado en el sitio oficial de la Verdadera Vida en Dios: En el , la madre publica “Tu sei tornato”, un libro que cuenta su experiencia y. La verdadera vida en Dios. Encuentros con Jesús. volumen I. Vassula Rydén. ISBN X / ISBN Price: £

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From then on, for a period of four years, reading and meditating on the True Life in God became part of my daily prayers feeding my yearning soul with God’s love messages. The door bell rung at the moment that I was watching the film and I thought: Que como dice la Nota del 95 son fruto de sus especulaciones.

Zijn gelaat op de voorkant van de boeken vond ik zo mooi er lief, dat ik het ook geschilderd heb.

TLIG – Testimonies – Testimonies from Around the World – Testimonies from the Laity (English)

Es muy bonito saber la verdad, la realidad y querer hacer las cosas como se deben de hacer. Ines, te estas alejando de la fe catolica si te parece correcta esa frase heretica: While doing the exercises, the nuns there gave me a book called “True Life in God” in Spanish.


Y si me preguntan suelo responder, pero no vivo en twitter. Sinto Jesus presente em nossas vidas e em nossas atividades, mesmo as mais simples. My grand-daughter was born with no control over her neck muscles. Het vlees en bloed, de warmte, de vaderlijke liefde van onze Schepper, Vader, Verlosser, Vriend en Broeder.

Pero te recomiendo que leas a Mons. Apartarse de la Verdad significa apartarse de Jesucristo: Ce sont des livres merveilleux. My life has changed since then, not only myself but those around me too.

Los abogados de Vassula Ryden cierran una web crítica

I take the books along with me everwhere I go. Tanta importante eres que manejas esos documentos? I asked Vassula to bless her, which she graciously didblessing her forehead with a small crucifix. Que alegria me acabo de llevar I have experienced many miracles and enlightenment. I have read all the books of “True Life in God”and the newspapers and I visited the 3 sessions of your visit to Holland.

Depois de todo o sofrimento, oferecido com amor, tive a certeza de que Deus havia me curado, de corpo e de alma. I was seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, but did not know how to go about lkbro.

Beatriz,ten cuidado a la hora de ironizar en contra de Vassula,ya que la misma iglesia no la ha hecho. After many years of being a lapsed and luke warm Catholic I stumbled across two books on my grandmother’s bed and I was drawn to read these books titled “True Life in God” by Vassula Ryden.

La foi revit dans la famille: TLIG brought about a tremendous positive attitude within me and my life changed significantly. He shows his love in a most irresistable way that I can’t help but love him back even if I now realize how unworthy I am. On turning around, I was dumbfounded to see, not the feminine face of Vassula, but that of Jesus. Les livres de Vassula sont une lecture merveilleuse.


Eenmaal begonnen las ik achter elkaar de boeken van Vassula, van Jezus dus. Son mas papistas que el Papa. Desprender-se das coisas que passam She referred to opening the Bible at random to receive a word from God and she shared some texts the Lord had given her.

La carta esta subida en el sitio de Maria Laura, ella la publico. But when she started her testimonies, I was deeply touched.

Testimonies from the Laity

Since that day, my grand-daughter has been completely healed, and is now a very healthy and happy three-year old toddler. En esas presuntas revelaciones se anuncia un inminente periodo de predominio del Anticristo en el interior de la Iglesia. Very eagerly I started reading these books and it dio me realise how my life had been before then, and gradually I was drawn to Jesus every day more and more. Fueron los seguidores de la Sra. The messages made me realize how much Jesus loves us and wants us all back to Him; how important the Sacraments are esp.

Personalmente, he leido algo de la Ryyden.