Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. With her father imprisoned, year-old Meredith thinks she : Such a Pretty Girl eBook: Laura Wiess: Kindle Store. Laura Wiess. Welcome to the Asylum. Such a Pretty Girl. “Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable. A nail-biter of an ending.” — Kirkus starred review. The Such a Pretty Girl Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and.

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She testifies against him, and he’s sent to jail for 9 years but gets out in 3. The story takes place over a time span of 3 days, and set in Estertown, a fictional town in New Jersey. This selfless act that Meredith performs — aa her fragile mental state further just to stop the man who should have been kept away from her and other children permanently — should never have been an option. Wants daddy to move back in with them, but acc Wanted to like this, but found it way too unbelievable.

At fifteen, she thought she’d be able to reach her eighteenth birthday and leave home, thus avoiding ever having to see him again. There were some parts of the story that were unlikely weird coincidences, etc. This is not something a 15 year old that is not something anybody should do!!! Retrieved 30 April Read this novel, and you will be changed forever. Let me be straight because I s you guessed in the blurbed what really happened.

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

It wiese felt odd to me. These dark aspects pull the reader in and hold him captive, compulsively turning to the next page. Such a Pretty Girl depicts a community where the tension doesn’t simmer; it’s explosive. He is not the type of offender who wants to change – he is a pedophile who truly believes he loves children boys and girls and sudh keep his hands off, regardless of what the law says. Its just incredible and absolutely heartbreaking. And that’s why it hurt. Meredith is compelling, and her struggle so horrible yet she is a I read this book about five years ago but it had quite an impact on me and has stayed with me all these years.


It is a quick read though; I read it in two sittings on the same day, and the writing was fairly good, I just can’t allow myself to support the story. View all 25 comments.

There is no forgiveness for people like this. She doesn’t take the easy way out rather she fights it. Apparently everyone in town, except Meredith’s crazy mother, hates his guts and are ready to run him gurl on a rail. New Jersey teenager Meredith was supposed to have nine years of safety from her father, so she’d be eighteen and out of the house when he was released from prison.

Such a Pretty Girl

She has Andy, her best friend, the guy she is in love with, who was also scarred by Meredith’s father as a child. That’s what his sentence read.

And I don’t want to hurt anymore. Be the first to discover new talent! She has a conscience. Trivia Shch Such a Pretty Girl. The second time, she went to her Mothers mom’s house, who is Mayor.

The author interview included at the end doesn’t help matters, I’m sorry to say. The abuse I can handle; it’s the happiness that cripples. Is this a typical thing? An amazing debut novel for Ms.

This usch knows how to pull at heartstrings. Pretyy, not all aspects of Such a Pretty Girl are as strong as the atmosphere. Which is perfect, by the way. This story revolves around Meredith, a 15 year old whose father sexually abused her and has just been released early after serving only 3 years of his 9 gir sentence.

And finally, there would be no way in hell that the guy would be allowed anywhere near his minor daughter after his parole. May 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay rant over the fact that Meredith has a horrible family, she does however have a great boyfriend, even though a romantic bit in this book was not needed it was very well received.



So I made a silent agreement with myself that if my library had it, I would go ahead and read it. As a mother, this is something I cannot stand for. Not many authors will touch this subject and even fewer prtty do it properly but Laura Wiess is one of those who was able to tell her story remarkably well. She thought she had time to grow up, get out, and start a new life. Oct 28, Michelle Llewellyn rated it did not like it. Meredith Shale thought she’d have longer to prepare.

Such a Pretty Girl

But now he’s back living in the same apartment complex. Her mother, who never got over her father being gone, is ready to welcome him home with open arms.

At Wiess’s hand, Meridith’s history as a victim of child sexual abuse is rendered harrowing but never unreadable. Refresh and try again. Careful flashbac She was promised nine years of safety, but received only three: She found the officer her arrested her father and he looked after her in so many ways.

Laura Weiss has expertly described the emotions of teenagers who have have been sexually abused and didn’t exactly find justice for it.

This book is a great story of standing up and fighting against the unfairness of the world and finding love and friendship amidst such traumatic events. Meredith isn’t alone, though. Of course he was going to do it again.