La Sankta Biblio [The Holy Bible In Esperanto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Product Details. Title: La Sankta Biblio (Esperanto); Publisher: Brita Kaj Alilanda Biblia Societo; Publication Date: More details about this resource. cFlat7:In Readmono we find the word ‘senditojn’ which means messengers, or literally “the ones sent”. If you didn’t know the context, how would you know.

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I wasn’t able to find the Torah I might not have been looking hard enough, I just did a quick search but I did find the Quran. In fact the bible is used for a large amount of initial translations both for conlangs and for natural languages. I wondered about that myself! JTqpPI 9 8 7 2 How was ‘King’ spelled differently? The text is free to download and available in multiple formats: Thank you too for the link.

Out of curiosity, I went and tried to see if I could find any copies of the Quran and the Torah in Esperanto. I really believe proverbs in particular is the best way to learn a language. To read the Bible in Esperanto aloud and register it?

Progress is not extremely rapid, but we are making progress! I think Its newer.

La Sankta Biblio (The Holy Bible Old & New Testament in Esperanto)

I use the freelang dictionary on my computer. The Apocrypha deutrocanonical books was translated by Gerrit Berveling, a Dutch scholar.


It would be wonderful to have the Esperanto Bible in audio form. The Greek is parsed here The word in question is explained here. One problem for Christians with the bible in Esperanto is that the New Testament is not available as a complete volume in the most recent translation by Gerrit Berveling. It’s going to take some getting used to Could have been some other error in l encoding though.

La Sankta Biblio (The Holy Bible Old & New Testament in Esperanto)

Instructions for getting started are here: Miland User’s profile Country: It is my hope that the Esperanto translation would do wonders for me and for you as well. A teacher at Goethe Institut once told me that her German improved so much by sanita the Bible in German.

Has anyone looked into this, who knows ancient Greek? If you didn’t know the context, how would you know whether to understand this as referring to things or to people? Worth pointing out, that your link also has audio verse-by-verse. I’m curious as to what you mean by ‘different’. Also right now I am going through the book of proverbs in esperanto and I am learning it really fast.


I think Its newer.

How was ‘King’ spelled differently? I read Ecclesiastes and one or two of the letters from John for that project.

Like it spelled ‘King’ differently. An online version is here: Alkanadi User’s profile August 23,8: I was overjoyed when it arrived and was whole. I’m curious as to what you mean by ‘different’. Miland User’s profile August 23, We gladly welcome all who are interested in eankta. I purchased a copy of La Sankta Biblio off amazon.

I have been wondering further about this. How to get started: Sfinkso User’s profile August 23,1: Only a computer with microphone is needed.

Table of Contents for: La Sankta Biblio : Malnova kaj Nova Test

Are you an Esperantist, a Christian, or even simply someone who appreciates literature? If anyone wants it this is the link http: The link he gave explains it fully. Older versions however contain what seems to me to be a mistranslation of John 1: Sorry, what is the task?

But I sanlta suggest going to ‘unbound bible’ and making an Esperanto-English paralell bible, its free and you can do it for any languages.