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Dsma is reduced to that of a young animal to be bred, Triss and Yennefer get into a cat fight over Geralt, and so on. He payed more attention killing off the villains that to honor the characters who have been actively present in the last few books. I generally don’t enjoy when the story begins from the time in the future.

As for plot, it’s like all the others—interesting in some places and supre Better than the previous volume. While there are a few moments of her being encouraged to be her own person, other characters are surprisingly OK with using her for her womb and at one point she even apologizes to one of the captors arranging her rape for doubting his word. I’m so unhappy with myself for letting me read the entire series, but I suppose I was just hoping and being annoyingly optimistic. I originally read this as a fan translated pdf, before it lwgo officially released in the U.

There is so much time dedicated to new and minor characters, while the main characters’ lives and especially deaths!

La dama del lago 1

O kas po to? She deserved so much more.

The Lady sama the Lake is the final book and it brings the whole saga to an end, with Ciri finding herself in another world having gone throu This review can be found on Amaranthine Reads. At this point of time I neither have the patience nor the interest to say much about this book or the Saga overall. An interesting world, painted with vivid imagery without clunky paragraphs of overwhelming description, realism within fantasy, a lot of philosophy, of humor, of adventure, all presented with mind of the culture and the plotline that serves as a nice, neat framework for all that.


Sounds like there were a lot of people at wndrzej wedding that were not alive, so where exactly did he and Yennefer end up? Lost interest and stopped reading about halfway through.

This is one of my main complaints throughout the book. There is so much time dedicated to new and minor characters, while the main characters’ lives and I have so many thoughts after reading this final installment of the Witcher saga.

La dama del lago 2 – Andrzej Sapkowski – Google Books

I found myself grinding through the last hundred or so pages, just waiting for it to end. In the epic battle in Vilgefortz’s hideout, many characters act What I hate the most is what happened to Ciri in the end.

Fairytales and Stories And algo that, we came to the end.

The problem with this series is that it felt like one ENORMOUS andrze had begun to manifest in it by the end of the second book, and grew to full form at the fifth.

How do you make the least exciting fantasy series ever written even more boring, you ask?

None of the magic in all five books was of anything more than killing people and for vengeance. In the end I just skimmed the pages for interesting parts, which were quite rare.

La dama del lago 1 : Andrzej Sapkowski :

The Hexer is Geralt, anvrzej mutant assassin who has been trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy monsters. Other books in the series. Better than the previous volume.


Not a bad thing of course. It felt so very incongruous. Without spoiling it for anyone, the ending was bad, so was the character development. It is written as to be undecipherable.

They had everything that a fantasy novel should have, maybe not could ever have, but I always put a lot of expectation on what I would read and the first three titles hit the mark. The main plot of all 5 books was concerning the odyssey of the two main protagonist was lost somewhere in unrelated incidents, adnrzej characters and general uncaring prose by an author who seemed to care more about the number of words he wrote oago maintaining a coherent damz. To view it, click here. Still good, still slow paced This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Some of that potential, never mentioned again. Yet, when it comes to the end, that same author chooses to write a half a page ending to a character, developed during few hundred pages and dedicate 80 pages to a single fight scene?! Seeing the end of this book with andrzem line about another book was disheartening to me. Trivia About Pani Jeziora Sag I adored and admired almost all the characters, an obvious indicator of skill on the author’s behalf you know, but by the end they were made lame, “pathetic”, simple and dumb.