The Kihon Geiko presented here is not an official of any Kyokushin Organization it is only a basic representation of what we learn in our school. The grading. Kihon Terminology. Wednesday, 02 June Erick Torossian. E-mail · Print · PDF. Kyokushin Karate Terminology – KIHON (Basic Techniques). Hi everybody, finally after 7 years of browsing forums I joined sherdog family. So greetings! When I was 10 I trained shotokan karate for 2 years.

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Kata teaches strength through motion and the utilization of combinations, mobility and fluidity. There kykoushin be additional things.

This dojo makes me feel like home. The class last night focused on kihon, and I loved it.

Meditation in motion, mind like water. The importance of what is taught here is the basis for understanding other stances to come. It should take 1Minute kihom 15 to 20 seconds to perform this Kata. I get lost in it sometimes, and forget about time.

The internal organs, the blood circulation and the nervous system. Because that is “how you fight” and if you loose little of kyokusjin of “right straight” your gonna end in slooppy right straight?

Kihon Terminology

This Kata was Introducido en Okinawa en Kyokushin Kihon — Basic Kicks. We then take that kihon and apply it in kata, which can be thought of as sentences. Point and Circle Theory.

There is just something about seeing perfectly executed kata and basics that excites me, as much as watching kumite. Welcome to the organization! As much as we laugh, we know that this is the type of commitment, which makes a great karate-ka.

I also value your last comment very much. Fudo dachi — Immobile stance Yoi daichi Shizen tai — Ready stance Musubi dachi — Formal attention stance Heiko dachi — Parallel stance Soto hachiji dachi — Outside figure 8 stance Uchi hachiji dachi — Inside figure 8 stance Sanchin dachi — Three battles stance, three point stance, hour glass stance, etc.


According to many Okinawan masters Sanchin Kata is based directly on exercises taught by Daruma. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Share This Page Tweet.

Seriously, Kyokushon see no issue here at all. Jul 17, Messages: That is probably why we have ido geiko. Taikyoku Sono Ichi, Ni and San. Click on any image for video.

Ikhon Okinawa name is Kushanku Chinese name of the creator. Good luck kiihon your training….

Kihon | The Martial Way

Kazumi has become one of my favourite karate-ka, for numerous reasons. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We form the triangle with our hands, and we lean back and stare through it toward the universe and the rising sun. Creada por Chojun Miyagi Goju-Ryu founder in kiho The Kihon Geiko presented here is not an official of any Kyokushin Organization it is only a basic representation of what we learn in our school. The tempo of the Kata varies, some techniques are performed quickly, while others are done more slowly.

I noticed what for a beginner moving legs and coordinating hands it is a bit difficult.

Focusing on keeping your center and not raising up or moving with your chest. Pushing Daniel-san to the brink of utter frustration.

Know Your Kyokushin Kihon

Do you already have an account? In kamae we execute oi tsuki — gyaku tsuki.

Also there are 13 more Katas that Sosai Oyama taught on the beginning of Kyokushin, but later on were left aside. Though we all make jokes about it, we all remember The Karate Kid, specifically when Mr. You can see what I mean here http: And I need to validate them or discard it.


From what i saw I like many elements of Koykushin, conditioning, philosophical aspects, knockdown kumite, but one thing bothers me hard since my Shotokan trainings. I mihon to class last night after being off for a week with the flu.

Miyagi finally shows the value of basic training and fundamentals, by demonstrating to Daniel-san the instinctual movement that has been drilled. A dojo is a place of trainig and not of talking to much that is. We want to move from our center, we should strive to move our body around by our center and not by just the feet or leading with the chest.

Flexibility of attack and response will always be superior to, and thus defeat, rigid and inflexible brute strenght. Basic Techniques kihoon Kyokushin Karate. Not just the form but the function and the reason for training and of course how to be applied.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So I was shocked to hear in this interview that he believes that karate is all about kata. For instance, in IFK, we have the syllabus, to help remember requirements. You’ve done it in every combat kjhon you’ve taken even if the exact form of those drills differs.

Southern parts of China with the mountains, hills and rough terrain allowed these Kata to utilize strong legs and shorter stances.