#18 – Flexible Dieting, Nutrition Barriers, and Loving Your Own Skin w/ Krissy Mae Cagney. Get my top 5 must reads for unlocking new. Wanted to share how Krissy and I set up my macros for this Off season. This will be my first run at Flexible dieting. I am at the start of. I used a calculator found in a book that I read on flexible dieting (Flexible Dieting: A Guide to Macros & Eating for Life by Krissy Mae Cagney, and she just released a new book: Flexible Dieting which is even better) but.

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Mr Bean rated it liked it Oct 12, Even if you DO know… watch this. Now if you ride the same 10 miles at a 20mph pace double the intensityyou will burn twice as many calories for the amount of time you are riding, but you are also riding for half the time, so it comes out to the same amount of calories burned.

Unless you’re prepping to be on stage, live a little. What was your conclusion of the program and of each phase? You’re free to believe whatever dieging like, but it’s best to live your life based on facts and science, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.


Tara rated it really liked it Dec 30, She’s a good friend and an awesome person. Kristen rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Learned quite a bit about how I’m going to proceed on my next cut and the best way to go about it without losing strength krissj performance at the gym. Claire asked if that stain was blood. Jenkappes rated it liked it May 21, It’s also widely available when you eat out and I’m not one to avoid social situations because I’m on some crazy diet.

Apr 01, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: We will talk more about your personal numbers one-to-one and what might be best.

Kamrin Peterson rated it it was amazing Mar 29, For you, this may be different. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Sanity is more important than the scale will ever be! Now, many of you probably use FitBits — which I find a little odd, frankly.

Krissy Mae Cagney | Books

Eat the “fun” stuff when you flexibpe to if you have the caloric room for it. I don’t need science to tell me that. And I mean, who loves doing likerepetitions?

She’s also very involved in the CrossFit community so we cross paths often now. Do I consume some grains?

Flexible Dieting 2.0: A Flexible Nutrition Philosophy for the Modern Athlete

Day 1, Day 2, etc. Well believing something is not a prerequisite for something being factual lol.


This has all been based off of a loose macro guideline and what I’ve learned about nutrition through personal experience and experiments. But I will also continue to eat my ice cream most nights or splurge on some chips and guacamole when I feel like it.

I’m always intrigued to learn more about nutrition and she’s so knowledgeable. Oh and NO I do not get paid anything or get anything free for recommending itwith the Bogramming added, plus the pre-stretching and post-mobility added from my fascia guy and my mobility guy.

Sexy Sculpt & Flexible Eating (Krissy Mae Cagney)

The other is I am trying to learn more about nutrition and dieting. All that matters for the most part is distance when it comes to calorie burns.

I start with protein and then adjust the others. This is my plan going forward and adjustments will be made off of this.

Bri rated it really liked it Aug 16, Ashley rated it really liked it Dec 24,