Leaves Piper aduncum contain saponin, flavonoida, polifenol, minyak atsiri, Stem sap Piper aduncum efficacious as a cure ulcers and new sores drugs. Klasifikasi Kingdom: Plantae (Tumbuhan) Subkingdom: Tracheobionta Piperales Famili: Piperaceae (suku sirih-sirihan) Genus: Piper Spesies: Piper nigrum L. Menurut Tjitrosoepomo (), klasifikasi tanaman lada adalah sebagai. berikut: Produk herbal yang umum dikenal sebagai lada hitam (Piper nigrum Linn).

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Wheat flour 15 gm 2. A process as claimed in claim 14 wherein, the frying material is selected from butter, ghee or any other vegetable oil. Buck wheat 7 gm 5. A process of preparing herbal biscuits or powder for lactating mothers acting as a dietary supplement, said process comprising the steps of: Hydroxyl Chalcone and isoliquiritigenin showed a strong inhibitor on skin carcinogenesis in vivo.

Carum carvi 1 gm Group B Plants 1. Government office in as a product other than tobacco intended to supplement the diet to enhance health that bears or contains one or more of the dietary ingredients viz.: A process as claimed in claim 14 wherein, the herbal composition is prepared as powder, biscuit, capsule, nugget, gel or any other forms, which can be taken with water, milk or other liquid foods.

Curcuma longa powder in 0. These biscuits have been enriched adding nutritional ingredients from synthetic sources. These compounds are precursor of flavonoids and isoflavonoids abundant in crops.

Sejarah Tanaman Lada (Piper nigrum Linn) | DAUN HIJAU

Traditional Chinese medicine composition with galactagogue effect and preparation method thereof. Mereka itulah yang diperkirakan membawa bibit lada ke Piiper. Pada abad pertengahan, lada merupakan raja perdagangan dan merupakan rempah-rempah yang maha penting dan berharga pada waktu itu.


Sekip Utara Yogyakarta Email: The nutritive flour was prepared by mixing Soya wheat, Buck wheat and Bengal gram flours along with the powdered leaves of [] Moringa oleifera and kernel of Kamal gatta seeds after removing seed coats in the quantities specified above. The secretion of milk requires energy and the body has three folds demand for calories during lactation.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bahkan bagi kerajaan Genua dan Venesia, lada menjadi sumber kekayaan, sebagai halnya minyak tanah di Indonesia dewasa ini.


In an embodiment of the invention the plants having lactogenic properties are selected from group A comprising of the plants namely [] Amaranthus spinosa, Leptadenia reticulata, Ziziphus moritiana, Nigella sativa, Chenopodium ambrosides, Ferula aesfotida and Grewia hirsuta.

Daun berbentukovatus, tepi rata, ujung daun meruncing, pangkal daun meruncing,permukaan daun halus, pertulangan daun menyirip, Habitus herba. Constituents of Piper aleyreanum Piperaceae Documents. Woody, ovate, pointed tip, base rounded, flat edge on each book, downy stalks, cylindrical mm, length of leaves cm long, cm wide, pertulangan such as fingers, light green.

Eclipta alba 1 gm klawifikasi. Some research indicates that Chalcone also act as a chemoprevention agent, capable of inhibit carcinogenesis induced by chemical agents through increasing levels of reduced glutathione. Buahnya kecil, kering, dan keras, tergolong buah buni. Table 1 contains nutritive flours of Soyabean, Buckwheat, Moong, Wheat, Bazra, Bengal gram along with Carrot juice in klasigikasi with many plants having A Galactagogue lactogenic properties, B Adaptogenic and imunomodulating properties, C Hepatoprotective properties and D digestive and appetite improving properties along with [] Piper longum Pippaliand Piper nigrum Kali mirch which enhances the absorption of poper drugs in the body system.


A composition as claimed in claim 1 wherein, Group A plants having galactagogue properties are selected from Asparagus racemosus, Amaranthus spinosa, Carum carvi, Leptadenia reticulata, Ziziphus maritiana, Nigella sativa, Chenopodium ambrosiodes, Ferula foetidaand Grewia hirsuta. By utilizing whole plant drugs and all natural components as such there is a least chance of toxicity or side effects.

The present composition contains phytomedicinal combination having galactagogue lactogenic properties, which increase the secretion of mammary glands. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Group B—Medicinal plants with adaptogenic and anti-stress activities [].

Methods of obtaining natural products from comestible fluids and methods of use. Moringa oleifera Sahajan 5 gm powdered leaves 6.

Ingredients Per Hundred Grams []. A composition as claimed in claim 1 wherein the nutritive flour are selected from flours of Soya Glycine maxbuck wheat Fagopyrum esculentumgreen gram Vigna radiataBengal gram Cicer arietinumwheat flour, seeds of powdered Nelumbo nuciflor Kamal gattaseeds of powdered Sesamum indicum and powdered leaves of Moringa olifera Sahjan.

This is fried niyrum medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes in 1. Group D—Medicinal spices with digestive and appetite improving activities. Nutritional cereal meal with spleen tonifying effect and preparation method thereof. Buah yang terbentukbuni majemuk.