Dr Ved Prakash Upadhyaya and his works Book Two – Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad Chapter Four – Conditions when the Final Avatar appears. Book about similarities between Islam & Hinduism Book By Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay. Kalki Autar. By: Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash Reviewed by: Mir Abdul Majeed Broadcasted on BICNews 8 December Pundit verifies Messenger was.

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Arya samaj spends a lot of time with trying to convert Muslims back into Hinduism and this is one way they try to remain friendly with Muslims so they can bring them into Hinduism. God, certainly wouldn’t like to be downgraded. You dismissed this ad. He was a pious and God fearing man. Hindus’ books also mention that ‘kalki autar’ will be an expert in horse riding, arrow shooting, and swordsmanship. So, in trying to upgrade our MAN, it may turn out to be a upadhywy of downgrading our God.

Another argument against the prophecies is that these were added to the Puranas at a later date. Why is Kalki Avatar last?

Let me use some simple points.

Kalki Avatar By Pantid Ved Parakash Upadhyay

What is your review of Was Prophet Muhammad so. It is also possible that commentaries written about them were incorporated later and became a part of the revealed books. My heart was therefore aroused with the inspiration that TRUTH must be revealed, even though it could be distasteful to some people.

His name will be Mahamad. Secondly, as Antim Rishi – the Final Sage.


They convert the Muslims to Brahmins or high cast. It is impossible that all the Puranas which were so widely read and keenly studied, uparhyay have fallen in oblivion and totally wiped out, whereas the Vedas, which only a few could read and understand, remained intact until now.

A case has been made that the present Puranas are not the same collection that Vedas refer to and the real books were lost. And it is very true in this matter. Plus Kalki avatar is much later in the future nearly years away in Kaliyug. Its usage varies and depends on who is using it and for whom.

Kalki, ay and Hazrat Mohammad[D:] | syedjiaulhussainblog

Prophet Muhammad pbuh prophesied kalko Bhavishya Purana. Because of their fighting the irreligious nations, they will uladhyay known as Musalmans Muslims. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Many proofs to that still exist.

Also if Kalki was Mohammed then why would Mohammed want any of his followers attaching the divine Hindu land of India? He knows we are believers, and as such, He is Merciful to us. Ask New Question Sign In. No book in the world can face up to this challenge of the Qur’an.

I have however, made an honest effort to see that the force of his argument is neither lost nor exaggerated. The Upanishads are considered next to the Vedas in order of superiority and authenticity.

Kalki Avtar In Urdu Prof Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The riding on ‘Buraq’ and ‘Meraj’ by the Prophet Muhammed saw proves bj So if Mohammed is Kalki avatar then Hinduism is right and Islam is wrong because Islam is against concept of incarnation. He has been mentioned in many places of our own Vedas and the Puranas.


What Pundit Vaid Parkash comments in this regard is very important and worth attention and consideration.

Kalki Avatar By Pantid Ved Parakash Upadhyay – Bazm-e-UrduBazm-e-Urdu

Various scriptures have mentioned him in various ways. In the big books of Hindus, it is mentioned that ‘kalki autar’ will live on olive and dates and he will be true to his words and honest.

Scholars who have done extensive research comparing Hinduism and Islam and their major works.

I’m copying here the scholarly credentials that are mentioned near the end of the book I linked:. I shall be the originator of this religion of the meat-eating nation. It is not known when this word began to be used in the derogatory sense, whether before the advent of Prophet Muhammad safter the conversion of Hindu King Chakrawati Farmas of Malabar, located on the southwest coast of India to Islam during the lifetime of the Prophet, soon after the arrival of Muslims in India CE or sometime later.

Therefore, the beholder has no other recourse but to accept the claim on behalf of this MAN, because the eye has seen nothing but the MAN.