Taslima Nasrin is a famous writer of Bangladesh. She is also criticized writer of the world. He is also a famous feminist writer of the world. Toslima Nasrin. Books of Toslima Nasrin: 1. Name: Aamar Download Link: Dikhondito / Ka (দ্বিখন্ডিত / “ক”) [Google Drive] For more Visit. welcome to Lajja By Taslima Nasrin Bangla Pdf Books! Lajja is a very popular Book of writer Taslima nasrin. we know Taslima Nasrin is an Very Popular Book.

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No room for critics in Naxrin Lajja tells the story of a Hindu family, torn between their love towards lush green motherland they and their ancestors fought Independence for, and the choice of escape to India for the safety of their lives.

Sami Choudhury rated it did not like it Oct 06, Feb 21, Aishu Rehman rated it liked it.

Archived from the original on 6 September Retrieved 28 May While living in Kolkata, Nasrin regularly contributed to Indian newspapers and magazines, nasirn Anandabazar Patrika and Deshand, for some time, wrote a weekly column in the Bengali version of The Statesman.

Overall a informative and painful read. Seperti sering kita saksikan, agama menjadi lem perekat yang kuat bagi para pemeluknya di mana-mana.

ক by Taslima Nasrin

With taslia the straightforward facts that Lajja brings to light, it is but obvious that the book is controversial.

There are two types of authors who write poorly about their nation.

Droves of Sudhamoy’s relatives leave for India for good to escape persecution by Muslim thugs, but Sudhamoy, who is trained in medicine, is content to earn a modest sum working as a doctor in his own country.

After reading Lajja, I am not surprised that Nasrin was shoved out of her own country.


Lajja: Shame

I had answered correctly: Sebenarnya tak perlu jauh-jauh untuk dapat melihat aksi penganiayaan satu agama oleh agama lain. She wrote why she dared to reveal her sexual activities, [80] saying that she wrote her life’s story, not others’. She often gives the death toll of riots in India. Tapi bila dicermati hal ini sebenarnya ditujukan buat pemeluk agama apapun yang fanatik berlebihan sehingga menghalalkan segala cara bahkan melanggar ajaran agamanya sendiri.

His treatment of sensitive religious and political subjects made…. Ia memotret dan merekam tragedi itu ke dalam novelnya dengan tokoh utama Sudhamoy dan Suranjan, anak beranak dari sebuah keluarga Hindu nasionalis yang berulangkali harus mengalami perlakuan diskriminasi di tanah airnya sendiri.

And then I heard a voice of a friend, saying that I should not read such “controversial” books.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And then the real trouble comes home, thrash everything around with brute ak. Retrieved 23 May Biarlah agama berganti nama menjadi kemanusiaan” hal Ketika membaca fatwa Majelis Ulama Indonesia MUI beberapa waktu lalu yang mengharamkan pluralisme dalam hubungannya menyikapi kelompok aliran Islam Ahmadiyahsaya tertegun.

Sungguh memprihatinkan jika hari ini masih ada orang-orang yang menolak pluralisme.

Taslima Nasrin

Let humanity be the other name for religion. This is a great novel indeed. December Learn how and taslimw to remove this template message.

Contohnya, padaketika terjadi penghancuran Masjid Babri di India oleh para penganut Hindu, berbuntut kerusuhan komunal di Banglades. Each character is so clearly portrayed. Hysteric, he spends days and nights combing through the town hoping to find his sister.

Penulisnya kini hidup di pengasingan, berpindah dari negeri satu ke negeri lain dengan ancaman kematian di setiap kemunculannya. Beruntung dapat pinjaman dari Nurul. After a while, the brain glazes over and refuses to absorb any more.


The expression is of dread, and one dare say, of hope.

Secularism is the answer in Indian Taslima has tried to focus on the ugly spectre of communalism in Bangladesh after the Baburi masjid demolition in India. Thank You for Your Contribution! State money has been channeled to build mosques and madrasas preaching Islam have mushroomed. Retrieved 1 June One must read it to understand the present and past of Indian subcontinent.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat A few hundred thousand demonstrators called her “an apostate appointed by imperial forces to vilify Islam”; a member of a “militant faction threatened to set loose thousands of poisonous snakes in the capital unless she was executed.

He still believes that the country one day will accept as he is, as a Hindu living without fear in his homeland. On 28 AugustNasrin was in Hyderabad to present the Telugu translation of one of her novels, Shodhwhen she was allegedly attacked by a mob, allegedly led by legislators from the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, an Indian political party. By the way of story, Taslima Nasrin puts up an ideological debate about how secularism is an essential tenet of democracy and how a minor As a story per se, it is about the riots that happen in Bangladesh as an aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition and how a Hindu family pays a heavy price because its men happen to be too idealistic.

Suranjan, mengaku seorang aktivis, anak dari dr. Lajja telah diterjemahkan ke dalam 22 bahasa. Hanya manusia yang punya ras dan kelompok.