Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh physical fitness programme terhadap maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) mahasiswa IKORA FIK UNY. Jurnal Keolahragaan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike International. maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 max) rate for a continued period exercise which affected the low rate of their VO2 max calculation.

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Principles of Nutritional Assesment. From the two variables of this research, we can know that there is a significant correlation between that two variables which is significantly contrast, so it is suggested for everyone to stop smoking. Email this article Login required.

Jurnal Kesehatan Olahraga

Hubungan antara usia dan status IMT dengan kebugaran jasmani atlet sepakbola. The 30 samples would be gained by using Purposive Sampling Technique. Football, VO 2 max, Nutritional Status. Abstract Non-communicable illnesses to be one cause of death in the world.

The result of this research shows that the average of smoking habit degree of the active smokers is around 41,27 and the degree of VO 2 maxis 36, Penilaian dan Perencanaan Konsumsi Pangan. User Username Password Remember me. This study has the objective to analyze the association between age and BMI status with physical fitness football athlete.

Pengaruh metode latihan dan VO2 Max terhadap dasar sepak bola | Ilissaputra | Jurnal Keolahragaan

User Username Password Remember me. Principle component contains a long internal training exercise, jurnql of exercise, rest and repeat. The independent variable in the research is the age and BMI status, while the dependent variable is physical fitness. Shape football players that should be ideal, healthy, strong, tall and agile.


The results obtained by sampling the average height 1.

Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan, 3: Therefore, the researcher conclude that smoking habit of the State University of Surabaya students of Health Education and Recreation Department generation as the population in this research bring some effects towards VO 2 max. Factors affecting the degree of health and physical fitness of individuals including age, gender, genetics, BMI status, and physical activity.

Once our lung is attacked by disease, our lung cannot work well anymore, the VO 2 max will be decreasing either. Body composition should be proportional between muscle and fat mass. Abstract The total number of smokers has been increasing, teenagers nowadays especially. Protein dan Prestasi Olahragawan.

The conclusion that age and BMI status have a strong association with physical fitness and supplements consumption has a very weak association with physical fitness. Bulletin jendela data dan informasi kesehatan, II, p. Prevention of non-communicable illnesses, namely the physical activity and sport. Direktorat jenderal bina kesehatan masyarakat direktorat kesehatan komunitas. Ilmu dan Gizi 2 Penanggulangan Gizi Buruk. The subjects of this study were Rheza Mahasiswa Surabaya players consisting of 18 players.


Juenal Gizi Lengkap Keluarga dan Olahragawan. And implementation of data collection is done on a Pusaka Karangan Surabaya football pitch.

In this research, correlative approach and quantitative descriptive reasearch would be applied. Universitas Brawijaya Herwin, In the game of football requires a heart-lung endurance VO 2 maxwhich describes the capacity to perform activities on a continuous basis for long periods without experiencing significant fatigue. The aim of this research is that to identify whether there is any correlation between smoking habit and VO 2 max. Based on the characteristics of the game jutnal football like the one above it in order to achieve optimal performance, football players must meet certain requirements.

This study used cross sectional design with a total population of 30 people. The total number of smokers has been increasing, teenagers nowadays especially. Questionnaire method would also be apllied in this research to know the degree of the active smokers and MFT test to know the degree of VO 2 max. Efforts need to be done for the football club Kramayudha is to be expected that the recruitment of players aged between and had a normal BMI status in order to contribute to the achievement of the team.