3 days ago , Document No. Nomenclature, Standardisation Sub-Committee. , (Third Revision), COMPOSITION FLARES, BEACON. Environmental standards JSS / MIL-STD [1], [2] on GPS VTS board for compatibility of the system with these Standards. The typical test specifications. For more details, refer Procedure 6, Test Condition K, Page no of Defence. Standard JSS Rev Low Temperature Test.

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ASTM has developed a number of other targeted standards for the purpose of providing material-specific fungal resistance tests for product developers. The work has been carried out as per specification and the performance of the firm is satisfactory. Other ASTM Standards ASTM has developed a number of other targeted standards for the purpose of providing material-specific fungal resistance tests for product developers.

The product is then held in the climate-controlled chamber for the duration of the test. However, this list is far from exhaustive. Providing the right combination of products and services and deploying them with professional expertise is imperative to understanding the way technology is constantly evolving.


Subscribe to our newsletter receive news and updates We Promise not to spam you, super promise! Knowing that our lab has the proficiency to meet these exacting standards in their own testing serves as proof of our ability to exceed your expectations when testing your product for fungal resistance. Many products that operate in warm, humid environments must be tested to withstand fungal attacks, since this problem can cause a myriad of operational challenges.

The various ASTM testing standards have been developed in order to provide targeted testing practices for specific materials. Although testing for aspergillus, penicillium and chaetomium is standard procedure, this test can also be easily adapted for testing rarer fungi as needed staneards the product designer. Design and engineering facilities are supported by Solidworks and other design tools for designing enclosures. Per the standard testing procedure, the testing environment does not vary.


On the other hand, synthetic polymer materials generally do not contain enough of a food source jsss thus do not support fungal growth. Rugged – Card Racks. Fungal growth may cause changes in optical, mechanical and electrical properties of a material. Business Segment The Company caters to three areas: The test begins when the product under scrutiny is sprayed with an aerosol suspension of fungus spores.

RIDEX is a ruggedised field exchange built to exacting standards required to withstand the tough field conditions. While fungus testing is required for certain military and aviation components, it can be especially useful for consumer goods, too.

Environmental testing

The world we live in today demands that business be conducted at the speed of thought. Keeping uptodate with the continually changing technology has resulted in meeting the requirement of customers to their fullest satisfaction especially in harsh environments where reliability is very critical. Coral – Sandards Intrapreneur It can also withstand vibrations and bumps without damaging the internal electronics.

Coral Telecom has bagged the Nigerian Army ruggedised field exchanges. We have been honoured by DRDO organization of India for our consistent quality, adherence to project deadlines, innovation and up gradation in technology.

RIDEX is portable and easy to deploy, It can be used to quickly set up communication platform within minutes. Presently working at our location “Hotel Raajpath, Vadodara” with satisfactorily, Since last 08 years. Brand Dinrack is now synonym for quality and competence in 19″ electronics packaging whether defence or commercial environment. To varying degrees, live fungi will use wood, paper, leather, hydrocarbons, PVC, polyurethanes, certain plastics and paints, as well as standarfs materials, as fuel for growth.

Standares such, there are potential environmental situations that may standaeds be tested by a static environment. Fungus can block delicate moving parts. Due to the health risks associated with fungal growth, along with the nature of insulation, which becomes effectively hidden after installation, this testing standard is hugely important for builders and the product developers offering insulation.


These tests involve inoculating the material being tested with naturally occurring fungal spores, such as Aspergillus niger, Penicillium pinophilum, Chaetomium globosum, Gliocladium virens and Aureobasidium pullulans.

It neither gets affected by the radiations of other equipments 5555 emits radiations which will affect other equipments in its vicinity. However, it is not without its potential drawbacks. However, carbon-rich constituents and contaminants in and on these synthetic materials can provide the needed food for fungi.

These exchanges are rugged More Capacity Highly skilled and experienced manpower in engineering, production and finance. Unforeseen susceptibilities may go unnoticed until products already on the market begin to fail. Commercial – Floor Standing Racks. In addition, it can be standardd useful tool when branding and promoting your product in warmer and humid climates. If the materials comprising the product will support fungal growth How rapidly fungus will grow on the material If the product can be stored effectively in a field environment Additionally, the Fungus Test can also determine: With the rise of air conditioning, homes in warm and humid climate began finding uses for insulation.

Army PBX – iConnect. In a crowded marketplace, anything you can do to stand out from the competition is beneficial.

Fungal infestations can be found under protective covers, marring the appearance and degrading the optical capabilities of your product. Any product designed using carbon-rich organic materials will typically provide a food source to support fungal growth.