At the request of many families* I’m uploading here my favorite short story ever. I first came to know it through Donna Haraway’s work. The Persistence of Vision. This is Varley’s first story collection — a multiple award winner. It won the Locus Award and the Prix Apollo for Best Single Author. John Varley. The Persistence of Vision. All wrtters go through an apprenticeship, a time when they learn about the world and develop their points of view and.

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The Persistence of Vision (short story) – Wikipedia

There are ways to reach and teach such children. I later learned that the lights were for me alone. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. They would leave behind a group of empty hovels and the memory visoon cholera. To my surprise, so was I. She had heard and understood both parts of me, knew one to be what I had been, the other to be what I hoped I was.

The wall enclosed a rectangle of green. Cane or two had been there since ’63 or ’64 hohn were raising their third generation. I turned and saw a woman sprawled on her face in the duet.


The Persistence of Vision (short story)

lersistence A world in which death is not entirely necessary, and bodies, features, and sexes can be changed on a whim is exploded. If you can’t stand touching, you’re not going to like it here.

They quite rightly would have told me to mind my own business. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But it was essentially a practical lesson taught: I assured her that I was.

Pink came racing in. You’re very conscientious and you want to do your part. Vksion system would only work with trust, and it had to be total; everybody had to be responsible all the time.

John Varley The Persistence of Vision – The Persistence of Vision

Same for the frogs. There was time for someone to stop working for a few minutes, to share same special treasure. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And still they expanded equilaterally. It hadn’t worked so far, but it might someday. Regardless, some of the least thought-over and most assumed aspects of being human are questioned, which is the real achievement of the novella.

I remember that everything was a surprise, either because it was so normal or because it was so different. Vksion I found out she learned a great deal more about me than I had known.


Many were obviously doomed. I had to find out what the hell I was in. Nov 29, Judy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Not just anyone can cope with a deafblind child.

You can take your clothes off here at the door. Accepting sighted help was the first step to dependence, and after all, they would still be here with the same jobs to do after I was gone. These occur after varleh done during the days. Sep 13, Patrick Engelman rated it it was amazing. Some achieved the almost saintly peace of their role model, Helen Kelley. The much subtler observation that I made later was that with a hundred naked bodies sliding, rubbing, kissing, caressing, all at the same time, what was the point in making a distinction?

I stood still, eyes searching all around me so no one would come crashing into me. It was completely out of context with anything I had seen in New Mexico, though it was garley of native rock.

She felt my face, crying all the time, then wiped her nose and got up.