Jill Bolte Taylor is an American neuroanatomist, author, and inspirational public speaker. Bolte Taylor began to study about. My Stroke of Insight () is a non-fiction book by American author Jill Bolte Taylor. In it, she tells of her experience in of having a stroke in her left. The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment On December 10, , Jill Bolte Taylor.

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And I’m looking at the card on top and even though I could see clearly in my mind’s eye what my business card looked like, I couldn’t tell if this was my card or not, because all I could see were pixels.

The author read the audio herself and did a very good job, but apparently she also does public speaking she has done a TED Talk about this. While this is to be expected, her inability to see the contradictions in her beliefs was frustrating to me.

Unfortunately, this led me to have more and more doubts about the veracity of the story she recounted in the early chapters. She also relates a lot of her understanding of how the right brain works to negative or positive energy that she is now able to intuit to guide her life.

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

So I had to wield my paralyzed arm like a stump and cover the numbers as I went along and pushed them, so that as I would come back to normal reality, I’d be able to tell, “Yes, I’ve already dialed that number. It’s all about “right here, right now. She realized early on that the attitude and pacing of her caregivers made a big difference in how willing and able she was to respond, and she speaks in detail about what she, personally, found was most effective in helping her heal.


I’ve read this in other posts and I totally agree- it needed a lot more editing. Stimulation coming in through my sensory systems felt like pure pain. Ultimately, however, I was disappointed by a number of things about this book.

The brain is ridiculously amazing. Perhaps putting it on my science shelf is questionable, but I thought it belonged on there more than not. Fortunately, after a barrage of raves from my husband, I finally started to read it.

Jill Bolte Taylor – Wikipedia

Talk to your cells! No educated medical professional would accuse a stroke victim of being stupid–and yet she seems to feel the need to show everyone how smart and aware she is.

There’s a lot of good science and high-tech brain imaging to support this. If you have stroke symptoms, call ! Soon, her own appearance — from her hands to her reflection — felt utterly bizarre to her. With the section of her brain that controls physical boundaries offline, she felt fluid, open, and one with everything around her. After about pageit took serious effort for me to finish and that rarely happens.

My Stroke of Insight

She’s a teacher and advocate for people with mental impairment. And we can instruct it what to pay attention to. So it’s like, “OK, I’ve got a problem. It appeared it was a very accurate account of what it’s like to have a stroke from the inside.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. As she observed her mind deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life-all within four hours-Taylor alternated between the euphoria of the intuitive and kinesthetic right brain, in which she felt a sense of complete well-being and peace, and the logical, sequential left brain, which recognized she was having a stroke and enabled her to seek help before she was completely lost.

I can’t imagine the strength required for the journey she went through. If she tells us once, she tells us a hundred times. She speaks quite a bit about how she made a conscious decision during her recovery to retain access to these states and to keep these pathways open as she brought her left brain back online.

This page was last edited on 24 Julyat What seemed clear to me is that the left brain I am an energy-being connected to the energy all around me through the consciousness of my right hemisphere.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It took me 45 minutes to get one inch down inside of that stack of cards.