Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (Automatic In , Jean Sammet was a programming language technology manager for the Federal. Jean Sammet: Programming Language. Contributor and Historian, and. ACM President. Thomas J. (Tim) Bergin. American University. Editor: Thomas Haigh. Jean E. Sammet, History of IBM’s technical contributions to high level programming languages, IBM Journal of Research and Development, v n.5, p.

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At IBM she researched the use of restricted English as a programming language and the use of natural language for mathematical programs.

She also has other files of historical, computer-related material. In she became the divisional program manager for Ada, with responsibility for coordinating the strategy and actions for IBM’s Federal Systems Division to start the use of Ada. Retrieved June 11, In order to gain interest in SICSAM, Sammet wrote letters to people she identified through publications and what was happening in the field at that time.

Her book Programming Languages: Jean and her sister Helen were born to Harry and Ruth Sammet who were both lawyers. In she became programming language technology manager in the IBM Systems Development Division to enable her to write a book on programming languages. Sammet took to the electronic accounting machines, but was unable to work with the machines after her training was complete.


While taking courses toward a Ph. Sammet has earned several awards and honors for her significant contribution and achievements.

Sammet died on May 20, in Silver Spring, Maryland after a brief illness. From childhood on I hated to throw papers away.

She was a member of the first DOD-organized Ada Distinguished Reviewers group throughout its existence and was an original member of the DOD-organized Ada Board a federal advisory committee from its inception until her resignation in At the time of her vice presidency, ACM was almost bankrupt. Miss Sammet has voluminous historical files on programming languages, including material from the mids.

Ready to solve your Life Puzzle? Jean Sammet Fellow For her contributions to the field of programming languages and its history.

InSammet and langauges other programmers established much of the design of the influential COBOL programming language, in a proposal written in a span of two weeks that was eventually accepted by Sylvania’s U. In Sammet began looking for a position in education. Occasionally, we send updates and useful info. Sammet convinced Ralston to hold a member-office forum prior to their annual conference. She received her B.

Feature image via Teepublic. From the very early childhood, she showed her interests for mathematics and spent hours reading and solving mathematical calculations. From toshe served langiages a key member of the committee that developed COBOL, which became the standard programming language for business applications around the world.


Jean Sammet

She was also the first female president of the Association of Computing Machinery from to Inshe was hired by Sperry Gyroscope where she supervised the first scientific programming group and in she joined Sylvania as a staff consultant for programming research and worked as a member of the original COBOL group. She served as conference and program chairman for the very successful Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation, held in March Sammet Image from Mt.

In early JanuarySammet began her life as a programmer. She agreed to participate in an in-house training program to learn about punched card accounting machines.

Jean Sammet | Computer History Museum

March 31, 1. Sammet worked as a teaching assistant at Barnard College during the school year before she decided that the academic life was not for her. Archived from the original on July 3, Conquering a Double-Barrel Webpack Upgrade.

Silver Spring, Maryland [3].