Starting in , Jean Genet—petty thief, prostitute, modernist master—spent two years in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Always an outcast himself. Prisoner of Love. Jean Genet, Author, Edmund White, Illustrator, Barbara Bray, Translator Wesleyan University Press $35 (p) ISBN Get this from a library! Prisoner of love. [Jean Genet; Barbara Bray].

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As such, symbolic action, “‘act'”ing, is a gentler way of promoting change that doesn’t have to be violent. Writing from a tremendously distinct and complex subjectivity about his time spent with Palestinian guerillas in the 70s, he thinks and sees in ways which are both elegant, brutal and necessary. But I was afraid the end of the book might coincide with the end of the resistance.

In the light of the stars and the waning moon prisonwr same long shadow appeared, as familiar now as if it had come into my room at the same time every night of my life before I went to sleep. It may have taken me a year to Finally finished. Starting inJean Genet—petty thief, prostitute, modernist master—spent two years in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jeaan.

His deep fascination with the erotic in everyday life, hugely palpable in his descriptions of instances of repression and release in the militant culture of the fedayeen, makes this book unexpectedly and achingly sexy.

The introduction to this book, not by the author but by i-don’t-know-who, got me super psyched to read it. So much so that the more proofs she gave me that I really pridoner been here, that we really had met, before, the more I doubted whether all that had actually happened fourteen years ago. If I were to divide his I probably haven’t written an adequate review of a Genet bk yet. But if he was dead, how would I know his grave? So why did he go there? But Genet-the-former-criminal has also famously stated and represented in his gorgeous early film, Chant d’amour that prisons were the places where he discovered the greatest erotic possibility.

That said, sometimes we all need a finger in the eye.

But what if it were true that writing is a lie? A gust of wind blew the canvas, the zinc and the corrugated iron all away, and I saw the misery plain.


3:AM Magazine

The sound of guns and mortars had got nearer, answered by bursts of machine-gun fire and odd rifle-shots from jeann fedayeen in Irbid.

These were brisk and polemical pieces, clearly delineated and put to seemingly guileless political service.

Prisoner of Lovewritten some ten years later, when many of the men Genet had known had been killed, and he himself was dying, is a beautifully observed description of that time and those men as well as a reaffirmation of the author’s commitment not only to the Palestinian revolution but to rebellion itself. He left in a hurry, but returned in Jesn feel like it is important to frame this book to any prospective reader as something that could be said to boarder on journalism, although that does the breadth of the thing scant service.

His memoir is one more side of a very complicated story and I will not dare to say he was right or wrong. Some of the leaders got excited and almost insisted I finish this book. There were plenty of signs that the Bedouins were on their way.

At the beginning of I was fond of the Black Panthers. Now she was dried up. Lying there in my blanket I may have entered into the sight more than the Palestinians themselves, for whom the sky was a commonplace. It’s self-indulgent enough to be memoir-ish, I suppose, but surely there’s a better category. Then it became a shanty town, with walls and roofs made of sheets of aluminium, corrugated iron and bits of cardboard, just as wretched as the camp at Baqa.

You might think it was open when it had been closed five minutes before. Aug 07, El rated it liked it Shelves: Emotions live on and only the people who entertain them die.

He tells no story here, leaps from one land to another while telescoping space and time, giving us perhaps the most intimate picture of terrorism ever written. What has become of him?

Jean Genet: Prisoner of Love

The same is true jea every page in this book where benet is only one voice. It is difficult to maintain this as a simple book of memoirs because it is replete with politics of the Arab peninsula, history of shameful colonial exploits of European powers all over the world and more specifically near and what was then Palestine, the convoluted past of the Jews, commentary on the complicated tightrope hung on masts of nationalismreligion and entitlement to a state.


The book is amazing because he constantly and performatively interrogates his own ability to tell this story or any story and language, both in the air and on the page, becomes one prison among others. Childhood among the peasants whose cows I tended was much the same as any other childhood. Lists with This Book.

Prisoner of Love by Jean Genet | : Books

Throughout the book Genet also takes some interesting detours into the story of his friendship with the Black Panthers, and makes some boldy poetic connections between their movement and the Palestinian Revolution.

The book is amazing because he I’m recommending Prisoner of Love to everyone I know, including my mom, but especially to people who make things and think seriously about the ethics of representation.

For there may be three or four people present who are capable of hearing a witness. But who am I to say? Had the choirs and the hills come close to the water without anyone realizing? Mar 06, Mizuki marked it as to-read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. At times it read like a billet-douxbut the subject of his ardor will never get to rea InJean Genet, armed with a letter of safe transit from Arafat himself, visited the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

I ‘randomly’ open to page wch in turn leads me back to My heart is a concoction of love and devotion for this book, all the people in it and its writer.

Jean Genet: Prisoner of Love – 3:AM Magazine

Across fiction, essay, theatre and film, his remarkable prose explored complex desire, political engagement and a startling celebration of the marginalised. It jeqn be made into epics. I used to think the only way the actual impact of historical events on individual lives can be understood, is by reading fiction.