Iridology claims that it can diagnose diseases through a careful examination of the iris. Unsurprisingly, there is no proof for this, and when. Iridology is an alternative medicine practice that used to diagnose illness Then, use iris charts that allow them to compare the eyes with Iridology is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts, which divide the iris into . For example, one of the iridologists diagnosed 49% of the patients with gall.

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What you end up with is a medical cold reading — similar to what a mentalist does to create the illusion of mind reading or psychic powers. Iridology Iridology claims that it can diagnose diseases through a careful examination of the iris. As opposed to evidence-based medicineiridology is not supported by quality research studies [3] and is widely considered pseudoscience.

In addition, through various marks, signs, and discoloration in the iris, nature reveals inherited weaknesses and strengths. For example, the zone corresponding to the irisology is in the lower part of the iris, just before 6 o’clock.

Eye Diagnosis Iridology chart 8.5 x 11

Iridology identified the correct diagnosis in only 3 cases sensitivity, 0. This observation inspired him to create and publish an atlas inwhich contained black and white illustrations and 12 colour illustrations of the iris, known as the Diagnosis of the Eye.

It was invented by one individual based upon a single observation. Tags acupuncture alt-healing alternative healing alternative medicine aromatherapy oil diffuser aromatherapy iirdology ATI benefits of hydrotherapy?

Iridologists generally use equipment such as a flashlight and magnifying glass, cameras or slit-lamp microscopes to examine a patient’s irises for tissue changes, as well as features such as specific pigment patterns and irregular stromal architecture.

Iridologists look for changes that have occurred time, irregularities, inflammation or other characteristics like nerve and cholesterol rings. InLiljenquist published his version of Iris Chart. However, it is a thriving practice in many homeopathic, naturopathic and alternative medicinal methods. Classifications Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Other sites caution that iridology cannot diagnosis pregnancy, because that is a natural condition of the body, and also cannot diagnose prior surgery, as anything that happens under anesthesia will block the signals that would otherwise change the iris.


Iridology, or iris diagnosis, continues to be practiced by so-called alternative practitioners, including some chiropractors and naturopaths. After publishing his initial observations, Peczely set out to test his ideas with well-designed observations that were capable of proving his hypothesis wrong. Patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris hold information about a patient’s systemic health. To improve eating habits that could enjoy the conditions they observe.

Iridology – Science-Based Medicine

Naturopathy Science and Medicine. Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Retrieved 20 December He established that issues on the right or left side of the body could manifest themselves in the eyes on that same side. To date, clinical data does not support correlation between illness in the body and coinciding observable changes in the iris.

All have direct effects that correlate with the appearance of the eye. Iridologists claim they can use the charts to distinguish between healthy systems and organs in the body and those that are overactive, inflamed, or distressed. Later, anatomists discovered the underlying mechanism of this connection — a vast system of interconnectedness between the iris and the rest of the body.

The more iridoligy a person becomes, the more plentiful and visible these rings can become. Retrieved from ” https: It has been pointed out that the premise of iridology is at odds with the fact that the iris does not undergo substantial changes in an individual’s life.

Edzard Ernst raised the question in The iridologists could not correctly identify which patients had gall bladder problems and which had healthy gall bladders. This is in direct relationship with Diqgnosis.

The iris reveals changing conditions of every part and organ of the body. Iris texture is a phenotypical feature that develops during gestation and remains unchanged after birth.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Further, no subsequent science has supported the plausibility or reality of iridology. A iridooogy of 5 iridologists examined a series of slides of both groups’ irises. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts, which divide the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Medical errors—treatment for conditions diagnosed via this method which do not actually exist false positive result or a false sense of security when a serious condition is not diagnosed by this method false negative result —could lead to improper or delayed treatment and even loss of life.


The study conclusion was that “Iridology was of no value in diagnosing the cancers investigated in this study. Iridology claims that it can diagnose diseases through a careful examination of the iris. Critics, including most practitioners of medicine, dismiss iridology given that published studies have indicated a lack of success for its claims.

Iridology cannot detect a specific disease, but, can tell an individual if they have over or under diagnosus in specific areas of the body. If absent, then the subject simply has a susceptibility for the missing problem. Another study was published in the British Medical Journal which selected 39 diatnosis who were due to have their gall bladder removed the following day, because of suspected gallstones. The stability of iris structures is the foundation of the biometric technology which uses iris recognition for identification purposes.

Calcium deficiencies can lead to bone density loss, an increased likelihood of bone breakage and other potentially skeletal severe conditions. Ina German scientist named Lang performed a study and examined the nerve fibers that connect the eyes to the rest of central nervous systems. Often the iris diagnosis which can also be done by software analysis leads to recommendations for supplementation, which are conveniently sold by the iridologist.

Pin It on Pinterest. Show comments Hide comments. Practitioners take HD photograph of the eyes.