Tip of the Trade: Check out the traffic passing through your machine with this useful and easy-to-use ncurses-based app. Run iptraf from the command line to configure it through the curses interface. Alex van den Bogaerdt’s RRDtool tutorial is a good place to learn more, too. iftop and iptraf command in linux with examples, for analysing and monitoring network traffic and bandwidth.

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iptraf – Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor – Linux Man Pages (8)

If the Logging option is turned on see Configuration section belowIPTraf will prompt you for a log file name while presenting a default. Still, that’s what we’ll have to parse.

The figure for the IP checksum error is a packet count only, because the corrupted IP header cannot be relied upon to give a correct IP packet length value. Got something to say?

Make sure that the “Service names” option is “Off”, otherwise you’ll need to use getservbyname 3 in the perl script below. The other ports are more-or-less the same. The default log file names will also be used if the -B parameter is used to run IPTraf in the background. How does indexing makes database faster. This is done with the rrdtool command. One heavily used command in Linux by all system administrators is the “ps” command.


IPTraf User’s Manual

If you do this, make sure you have ncurses 4. Note Updating the screen is one of the slowest operations in a program.

Be a fan on Facebook. I had no idea iptraf was out of date; I use it at least once a week and tuutorial always serves me well. On my machine this makes a file that’s about k large. There are pretty good number of open source tools available for Linux, that does this job.

However ipteaf traffic both outgoing and incoming on a Linux machine becomes a priority tutorual crisis. You may accept this default or change it. But the fact that the tool still works as well as it did when it was in active development say a lot about how well this tool was made. You can also turn on DNS lookups and service name lookups to get names rather than numbers.

If your server is a high traffic server, doing a name resolution for each and every ip iftop finds, will itself generate a large amount of packets, which can make the output slightly deviated as iftop will count each and every packets through an interface.

This command outputs the process table and complete details of all the process running on a Linux system. Fore more information visit the official project page. Ghacks Newsletter Sign Up Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Monitoring network traffic with iptraf and rrdtool Introduction One of a network administrator’s most important tasks is to monitor network activity.


Simply running the iftop command will give you an output something like the below. January 19, – 7 comments. Database engines or custom scripts can be told to append data lines to those files. Support us by taking our online Linux courses We are thankful for your never ending support. Monitor,Analyse Network Traffic and Bandwidth. Now, the only issue with iptraf is that it is old.

The max rate is set to April 20, at 9: Simply unpack the tar file and run the below commands inside the iftop directory to install it.

Iptraaf packet size breakdown and LAN station monitor are not affected. Archives – 8 months 1 week ago. So its quite easy to determine the host using highest traffic from one look at the output.