Kansas Intoxalock User’s Manual. 1. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED. Section – Introduction. Your vehicle is (or will be) equipped with an. Intoxalock Installation Manual. ATTENTION ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL. AND SHOP MANAGERS: Under NO circumstances is an ignition. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. 5 years ago More. Interlock Arizona. Follow. 0. Share.

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You should also verify with the state you will be going to, to make sure they will recognize your restricted license. If itnoxalock fail a breath test, your vehicle will not start. If you miss a retest, you could face consequences as determined by the state ordering your interlock.

Username and password will be generated automatically and sent to your email. When am I eligible to remove my equipment? Then go to the “More Resources” section at the bottom intooxalock the page and click on “User Manual”.

Depending on state requirements, lock outs can be caused by blowing a BrAC that is above the state specific limit, blowing too many high BrACs, failing to submit a breath sample or trying to tamper with or circumvent your ignition interlock device. It’s important to keep all receipts from the date of service to prove there was work being done to the vehicle. How do I give a breath sample?

How to use your device

What is a rolling retest? This will vary based upon your state.


Will an ignition interlock device damage my vehicle? Can I make automatic payments from a checking or savings account? Additionally, commercial breathalyzers provide a convenient, portable way to self-test your breath alcohol concentration BrAC. How much does an Intoxalock cost?

Industry leader intoxalocm Why choose Intoxalock?

24 INTOXALOCK Questions and 22 Answers @ Pissed Consumer

For more information regarding turning your vehicle off, please refer to “Section 2. For more information on vehicle maintenance, please refer to “Ch.

Many times, that paperwork may need to be provided to your monitoring authority. Your Name or Login.

In many cases, the Intoxalock Compliance Department will notify your monitoring authority within 24 — 48 hours of your installation. This will vary, based upon your state. Call your service center to find a convenient time to stop in. The technique is similar to heavy breathing, out-in-out. What is a BrAC reading and what does it mean if I get one?

All states require these mandated retests to be submitted while the manuxl is running. Can other intoxalocl operate my vehicle? Can you install interlock for a person who’s license has not been reinstated? Monitoring and Reporting How does my monitoring authority know that I have an Intoxalock installed? For more information regarding your account information, please refer to “Ch.

Ignition Interlock Frequently Asked Questions | Intoxalock

Intoxalock holds their installers to high quality standards to always protect your vehicle. Intoxalock has more state certified installation locations nationwide than any other provider. For more information regarding failing a breath test that leads into a service lockout, please review “Section 2. What happens if I miss my required calibration appointment?


Ignition interlock device questions

Then every minutes, depending on your state’s regulation, you will be asked for additional samples. You should stay inside your car at all times once it has been started. Find answers to frequently asked questions about ignition interlocks devices. Please refer to your User manual for more information. Is my manaul protected from theft or accidental damage? BrAC is your breath alcohol concentration. We advise you to wait minutes after eating and drinking anything other than water, or using any product that contains alcohol.

Every report contains the time and BrAC level of every breath sample as well as the time of each requested sample, even if it wasn’t taken and any tampering that might have occurred. You will schedule your removal appointment through Intoxalock’s Customer Service department.

A contaminant inroxalock is NOT a false positive. How does an ignition interlock device work? Rinse your mouth out with water and then wait minutes before submitting another breath sample. It is your responsibility to take each test as soon as you safely can.