Do you want to avoid reservations while planning your trip? In the Interrail timetable, simply check the box that states ‘avoid trains that require reservations’. Interrail Planner is the free trip planning app. Use our interactive map to plan your Trains. See journey times and book your seat reservations in advance. After ceasing publication last summer, one man has risked all, by reviving the European Rail Timetable, the backpacker’s bible.

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Get European train times with the Interrail train timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. See where you could sleep. Interrail also has one country passes for individual countries, but the Global Interrxil is the most popular and best value.

Choose the right pass. Yes, I’d like to receive the weekly newsletter with travel tips and special offers from Interrail.

Alas, iRail is not compatible with newer versions of iOS. With Interrail, all of Europe is within your reach! Seats Book your train seats with our reservations team. Get on board Be the first to know about our latest offers, like our timettable SALE, and receive a free travel magazine.

Regional trains

Log in or sign up in intrrail. If you want to cover a lot of ground, it could well save you money, especially in expensive Western European and Scandinavian countries. Some city names can only be found when you use the local spelling.


If you prefer a printed train time table, you can order one here. On the next page choose Global Pass onterrail the Offer drop down list. The maximum length of an Interrail trip is 4 weeks. If you miss a train which you had booked you won’t need any bookings for the majority of trains though you will have to go to the ticket office and they will resolve it.

Some of the features: If you are on a budget, 2nd class is totally fine. Read about the railways and different train types in each European country. Sometimes you want to take the quickest and most convenient train, though, especially for long journeys. If you want to travel for less than 1 week, choose days. Intrigued by the small town outside your window?

Or, for example, if you have a connecting route or flight on the other end and want to play it safe. Check the abbreviation in the timetable, which is usually ‘EN’ EuroNight. They are listed below with instructions on how to find train times: This is specifically for Eurail. Cash is often easier and if you don’t mind a few percent then I’d just exchange money for the two times you are in a country which does not use the euro.


The best way to travel Europe is by train. Yes, pure info, less the garbage and gimmicks. There are exceptions of regional trains that do need to be reserved in advance, such as airport services and some InterCity and EuroCity trains.

Plan your trip

This protection covers the cost of replacement tickets up to the remaining value of your Pass, if it gets lost or stolen. See our timstable for using the Interrail train timetable View average travel times between popular cities Book your hostels across Europe.

Here’s some more useful ti,etable Interrail no longer uses printed timetable booklets. See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. Tell us about your travel plans and we’ll find the best Interrail Pass for your trip.

Regional Trains in Europe |

Be the first to know about our exclusive offers and receive a free travel magazine! Sleeper trains always require reservations. Log in Wish list.