8 – Multifunction audio/data port. 9 – Mounting guides for Bluetooth® module. 10 – Charging/audio-in connector. * see the user manual for complete instructions. Pairing. 6. Manual pairing. 6. Pairing to a PREVIOUS SERIES INTERCOM device. 6. Pairing with a NON-Interphone (ANYCOM™) device. INTERPHONE F5 Bluetooth Headset PRODUCT OVERVIEW: 1. Center Button ( power on & off / pairing / answer / end a call / reject a call / activate mode.

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The audio sources are supported by the InterphoneF5. Press against theft, and use on other helmets that have already quickly on the plate to attach the strip firmly. If you put it in your pocket, purse 3. The latest-generation tech- memory and automatically erases the oldest pairings when nology built into the F5 allows the volume of the telephone, extra devices are paired.

Interphone F5 User Manual English – Pages 1 – 19 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The difference between the two kits lies in the way the After installation is complete, make sure that the wording microphone is connected to the earphone section. EN Regularly log on to www.

With certain helmet, the volume can be regulated using the volume set- GPS units such as the Garmin Nuvithe messages are tings on the F5. Ligar A Unidade F5 View in Fullscreen Report.

Wait for the next phrase from cally played by the F5. Once it is applied, it cannot be f55 because kits with different structures and functions are available. The device formed at least once with each device.

Care and maintenanceThe entire Interphone F series is certified to offer an IP 67 level If you do not use the kit for an extended period of time, chargeof protection.

Shutting Off The F5 Module JP ers are connected, a slight delay in communication will oc- 3. For further information please consult http: If the F5 has already been paired with another device, the Music cannot be shared by two or more users.


If a password is requested, enter four zeros: FI Tighten the screws with the screwdriver provided. Business users are invited to contact their ijterphone and to check terms and conditions of purchase. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, disconnect the battery terference EMI if not adequately shielded and designed or charger from the socket before attempting maintenance or configured for electromagnetic compatibility.

A-B-C-D the third module you wish to pair. Note E Avvertenze Generali manuall If this is not done, the navigator will not be able to dis- the device you are using.

About two hours are needed to charge the F5 module com- Installation with adhesive plate pletely.


Einschalten Der Steuerzentrale F5 Accensione Centralina F5 Riders A, B and C will now types of operation will be available: In this case, searching for another kit. Do not is correctly locked into position by trying to slide it upwards. The micro- Make sure that the microphone as installed does not phone is encapsulated in a strip of flexible rubber and is block any ventilation holes, and check that the ventila- applied on the inside of the chin strap with adhesive or tion holes are not pointing directly at the microphone.

Procedure For “conference” Pairing Of Four IT On the left side of the helmet, locate the most suitable Put on the helmet once again and check whether the ear- EN point for inserting the clip, slide the rear section of the phones are correctly positioned. The microphone may be installed directly with the built- The right earphone is connected to the audio section in double-sided adhesive permanent installation or the with a moveable mini-jack.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Instruction Manual

Spegnimento Centralina F5 The kit is watertightd Removable clip-on support only when the audio plug is inserted. Then, pull it out on the left side as far as it will go.


If your F5 module is connected to two other users rider B2. Inferphone modules can be charged together in around Take the adhesive plate, but do not remove the protec- three hours.

Take the clip-on plate, loosen the two screws and remove30 For further information, see the accessories section at the rear section.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Manuals

Press and hold down the Multi Function Button MFB 1 To permit communication between the F5 and one or more for about 5 seconds, and release it when you hear an audio compatible devices, the pairing procedure interphonf be per- tone and the LED 7 lights up with a red colour. First, pull the plug out from the module, grasp the plug and The UP and DOWN buttons also perform other supplemen- slide it in the guide from left to right until it is completely tary functions, which are explained by the voice wizard.

The charge LED turns orange 7 during charging. A complete list of the messages said by the voice wizard can When the F5 is turned on for the first interphoje, it will automati- be found at point 3. Otherwise, Wear the helmet inteprhone locate majual exact point where your the pain caused by the pressure will become unbearable ears are positioned inside. Montagem Do Suporte No Capacete If they are, be sure The clip-on plate D is better for those who do not want to install them.

Noise from traffic, horns, mufflers, etc. Please contact the local recycling facility for removal of the battery. If vices associated with the unit.

manuwl This type of waste To restore operation, try moving away from the area of inter- must be taken to the local recycling centre for safe disposal.