Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens Hipath Manual File Type user manual nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch table of contents hipath. Start and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM Administrator Documentation File Types Customer.

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If the provisioning service is acting as a web server, this initial message is required, as the service must be contacted by the phone, which acts as a web client. Available with OpenStage V2R2 onwards.


For a description, please refer to Section 4. NULL Subnet mask for specific route 1. Timezone offset hours sntp-tzoffset Integer Default: Only available for phones with a LED display see the backlight-type item in Section 4. If false, this check is omitted.

The interface supports two different Security Modes: A line is gebrxuch reserved for the keyset whenever the user has selected a line for an outgoing call and hears a dial tone. Available with V3R3 onwards.

This can be viewed as interen registration with the provisioning service.

Hence, mass deployment can be accomplished conveniently. CleanUp An interaction is terminated when the phone receives a CleanUp message from the provisioning service. The configured feature code or DTMF sequence will be sent to the external server immediately.


The status attribute only exists in responses from the phone. The parameters described above enable the provisioning service to scan a certain range of IP addresses for phones simply by sending contact-me requests to each address consecutively. Filletype the XML Provisioning service provides item received from phones with server CA for phone Sethe provisioning ser- cure Mode vice is empty, this means delete the corresponding certificate at the phone.

NULL Local area code or city code, e. A keyset has one primary line and, typically, one or more secondary lines. In order interhen prevent overflow problems, longer messages can be split into fragments.

With “Trusted”, the certificate is only checked against the signature credentials provided by the remote server, and the expiry date is checked. NULL see Internal 4. For further information, please refer to Section 1.

When set gebraucy true, preview mode remains active until the user cancels it by pressing the key again.

Tag name Identifier for the item. For OpenStage phones with firmware version V2R2 onwards, the message flow is simpler, as the phone includes the changed data in its first message. The status of the feature can be monitored via the LED associated to the key. Inform the provisioning service about the status of a software or file deployment. For a factory reset, this must be set to FactoryReset.


OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

NULL If the phone is locked, a clickable area for making an emergency call is created. Moreover, additional signalling information from OpenScape Voice is not required.

Download server default Not available in the provisioning interface. Larger messages will be gfbrauch into fragments. It is used via a standard web browser. The required certificates and private keys are generated, managed and distributed by provisioning service. NULL Number to be dialed when pressing the key. From now on, the phone will periodically poll the provisioning service, or proxy, according to the configured polling interval. Route 2 mask Subnet mask Subnet mask Default: The following mode keys can be used to start an XML application: By default, both microphone and loudspeaker are switched on.

When set to normal, software deployment will only be executed when the phone is in idle state. NULL Subnet mask for specific route 2.