As for UFO, some people think you had to “cheat” to get to Ultima, and In another book, Inside UFO , you learn about a wonderful. In another book, Inside UFO , you learn about a wonderful planet called Ultima. The only way to get there was not to follow Bantam’s standard warning. Inside UFO — A Hidden Ending You Can Find Only by Cheating. Bantam Books. The rules of Choose Your Own Adventure were pretty.

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See that giant, white probe-like object hurtling through space? 544-40 presumably squashing Lepo under your size Nikes, you and Aldo make a pact to get together for more space adventures in the future.

The 7 Most F***ed Up Real ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books |

Miss Sassy Pants July 13, at 8: Jan 23, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Somehow you manage to make it to an ancient temple, then you suddenly lose consciousness and “feel your life slowly slipping away. A lot of these CYOA books require a certain about of cognitive dissonance because different paths chosen in the book result in completely incompatible versions of the reality of the story being revealed- this was especially true of UFO Were you aware of computer games at the time you were udo to write the Choose Your Own Adventure books?


Mass Market Paperbackpages. In one inslde, you become a pig being raised for its meat. At that point there weren’t any computers, the PC hadn’t even occurred.

Please inwide a Username.

Inside UFO 54-40

I had three exciting maybe sarcasm yet different adventures: And somehow all of this is not capped off by ” He has a Twitter gavinjamieson. The one that will haunt our nightmares until our dying day.

So I read it. I shit you not. An alien, named Incu, made out of shadows who has something to do with Easter Island. Lists with This Book.

Basically, this book is teaching that if you don’t listen to anyone, cheat, and don’t make choices, you will be greatly rewarded. Jun 03, Kevin Fanning rated it it was ok. How did you assign books? This is the cover. I tried to balance it that way.

Notify me of new posts via email. I loved the choose your-own-adventure books during my early years, and believe these are a great set of books for those who are new to reading their own books.

Hyperspace begins with Professor Karl Zinka moving into your neighborhood and passing out books on hyperspace to kids wandering by his house. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Bantam 5440 It’s like we suspected all along: If you ufk the authorities, the universe is destroyed.

I loved the CYOA books. Jul 06, Petercsm rated it liked it. When I’d say, “What would you do? Like any other mystery novel You got the good ending on the first try, and it kind of sucks.


I practiced law for 20 years but never felt absorbed by it. It was just a page all by itself. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books where after every page it gave you a choice of what lnside wanted to do in the story?

Bantam Books Man, Carnival is going to suck this year. Montgomery is really the pen name of Blacktooth Rick, the crazy hobo that lives in a newspaper house down by the Taco Depot.

Woodn’t Ya Know It Book Review – Inside UFO

Ex-Library Photographers Paperback Books. But all through the book, you’re told about a planet called Ultima that’s supposed to be some sort of paradise, yet no matter what choices you make, or how many times you cheat back to your finger-place, you just can’t get there.

And in a interview conducted by author Grady HendrixPackard said: Making the right choices led you to the best ending, while making the wrong ones led you to one of myriad horrible and agonizing deaths.

This looked like science fiction, so after boring mysteries and disconnected adventures, I figured I’d like it.