Attali, Jacques. Repúbleica Dominicana, – Informe de la Comisión Internacional para el Desarrollo Estratégico de la República Dominicana. seguridad: Caso de España y la República Dominicana las rutas de los inmigrantes africanos según un informe del Centro de Informe ATTALI () . Attali & Associés (), Informe de la Comisión Internacional para el Desarrollo Estratégico de la República Dominica: , Santo Domingo, Una Educación Superior de Calidad, para el País que soñamos los Dominicanos, State.

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At the other end of the social ladder, wealth will be held by a handful of people.

Jacques Attali President Planet Finance Professor, writer, Honorary …

Governments and political or terrorist movements can shape the political map of the world but they cannot define it by themselves. Today, our organizations, repulbica NGOs, have more influence on the destiny of humanity than many nations that have a seat in this hall.

Pirelli worldwide magazine n. Jacques Attali is a columnist for the magazine L’Express. To achieve these goals, it will be necessary to make intelligence, fraternity, respect of the other, tolerance, curiosity, volunteership, the pleasure of pleasing, the attli of making someone else happy triumph over the values of nation and market.


Jacques Attali then advised the Secretary General of the United Nations on the risks of nuclear proliferation. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Eventually, such world governance should have the means to finance such goals, through a global tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, which constitutes the most dangerous kind of pollution. These rights, that are not only Western values, have originated simultaneously, infprme had democracy, in many civilizations.

Rapport Attali – Jacques Attali. Course Overview, Review and Introduction h Readings. For these twelve facts to be tackled, here are twelve projects that could become yours. This dream is realistic: Pirelli worldwide magazine n. It is now doing both. Une ambition pour dix ans.

Poverty, the prime cause for violence, destruction of public services and decline of democracy, will increase, in all its aspects. Javier Aramburu y Juan Carlos Cosentino. It should be possible to give each and every one the means to have access to basic needs, that are water, air, food, accommodation, knowledge, freedom. Jacques Tourneur Page 1. Je suis l’dauphin d’la place Dauphine. Through their action, they contribute to make the world more tolerable and, more particularly, help the United Nations carry ingorme their peacekeeping and development mission.

PlaNet Finance is the most important world institution of eepublica to the microfinance. Should also be proclaimed the principle according to which any country that prevents local solidarity institutions from developing freely should be excluded from international aid.


A second type of And no dictatorship should be republicq to sit in this hall. What we discussed here constitutes the necessary condition to the survival of humanity. PlaNet Finance advises and finances the development of the microfinance in 80 countries, and launched the LH Forum, movement for positive economy www.

Jacques Attali –

When Jacques Attali’s spectacular book Noise: Remember me Forgot password? Jacques Martel – Doremi. NGOs are the first ones to fight for the implementation of the foundations of democracy: Jacques Attali – Maire-Info.

Therefore, it is now high time to give birth to the globalization of democracy instead of a third World War. Governments will not be able to reach these goals by themselves and it is not the role of private corporations to do it. The Collected Writings of Jean-Jacques