Zannie Adams, author of Hold, on LibraryThing. Works by Zannie Adams Naughty Nuptials (Anthology 7-in-1) (Contributor) 4 copies; Inescapable 3 copies . Inescapable – Zannie Adams. Inescapable. by: Zannie Adams (author). Format: ebook. Publish date: Publisher: Ellora’s Cave. Pages no: Zannie Adams’s author page. Inescapable · Zannie Complicated Zannie Adams Victoria is a quiet, old-fashioned librarian and rarely does anything wild or .

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But it grew progressively worse. She twirled her nipples between her fingers and thumbs and felt the tugs at her pussy in response.

The shock was a blessing, since it had kept her from fully processing what was going to happen to her here.

Hold : chap 1

Now she was locked in this cell with a nameless criminal. It was another bowl.

He grunted and took a step backward, more in surprise than real pain. At least, it appeared he did, as he let out an agonized groan and pushed into her a few last times. She had a pretty good body, dark curly hair and blue-gray eyes. He was drenched in perspiration, his t-shirt sticking wetly to his chest and sweat streaming down the sides of his face. It was a silent battle—a wordless duel of power and intimidation.


Participants’ Lists Thread May 08, He tossed her one of the bottles, which she accepted appreciatively, gulping down the water inside. And in her gut she knew they were true. It was the same size as all the others, except this one had metal bars intact and a functional door.

Cain came out of the bathroom and noticed her frozen demeanor. This was his payment for protecting her and letting her survive. Maybe eventually she could even enjoy it. Oct 16, Carolyn F.

Inescapable by Zannie Adams – FictionDB

Riana gulped in what air she could over the strangling lump in her throat and turned to face Thorn with the last bit of courage she possessed. He snatched a handful of hair and used it to drag her closer to him, the pull on her scalp so brutal she wanted to cry.

And mating rituals are one of my specialties. Looking in, Riana realized that inescapabld because the wall between two cells had been torn down to make one big one. But she was a basically attractive female in a setting where that was clearly rare. The lines of trust, pleasure, and control begin to blur as Rachel and Milton discover the one thing they can never escape.


She actually gasped when he finally moved, so primed was she to handle whatever crisis reared its head next. A lot of men would. After a minute, he pulled up and rolled over, groaning as he sprawled out on his back.

Zanniie stimulation had the immediate effect of distracting her from the inezcapable stretching of her channel. You have a good inesccapable, which is the only other thing I require in a woman. But then shewas at a loss for what to do.

Inescapable by Zannie Adams

They go to the bad guy’s house who is ver Rachel rescues Milton, a scientist being held by this bad guy for something he invented. Alice Gaines Goodreads Author. But who knew what kind of creepy-crawlies lurked on the inescapablle in the dark?

Then she realized what he was doing.

She took a few, slow deep breaths and nodded at him. And even with his attempts to make it easier, the stretching of her inner walls was intense and uncomfortable.