The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Of the Winning of Hidden Treasures Caution and Explanation The world, we are told by the Clavicleis full of spirits of various kinds. A variation of the rite for conjuring Lucifuge is given in the notorious Grand Grimoire.

XVI And if it be bounde to the left side it is good against enemies, vcnimous beastes, lor cruell men, and against venim and invasion of fantasies and some call it Diamas.

The Secret Lore of Magic

We do not know their exact nature, any more than anyone knows what electricity actually is. Then say the following: Be ready to respond to my call when it shall please me. It is important always to observe the requirements of the days and hours in which the operation is to be carried out, irrespective of the mediod used. Somewhere along the line of transmission— pm h. It is he who causes money to be brought.


If you serve us faithfully, larger ones will be given to you. And if the aforesaid serpent bee burned, and the ashes of it bee put in the fire, anon there shal be a rainbowe, with a horrible thunder. Shaah must be exorcised, as also must be the pen of the iii. Now go out and buy, without dispute over the price, a new pot of earthenware, which shall have a lid. The first requirement, then, is for the magician to decide upon what he wants to achieve, what spirit will be invoked to accomplish the deed.


Therefore, when iron caps are needed for each end, a stratagem is to be employed. If the tung of it be taken and put with a little of the heart of it in water, for a surety fishes will gather there together. You must feed the creature with wheat-husks alone, daily. Take your knife seceet cut the throat widi a single stroke, while pronouncing the name of the Spirit which you wish to invoke.

Ignorance, he says in more than one place, is dangerous and therefore he who will be successful must read and re-read the Keyto fit himself for its mysteries. It carries the inscription: After some further threats with the v- and, the demon will agree to terms, and will indicate the route to die nearest treasure. Accord- mi’, to the Grimoires, these are both constructive and destructive. And it hath been proved that it stemmeth anon blood, that putteth away the foolishnesse of him that beareth it, and giveth wisdome.

Thus it will be without danger. XIX It maketh the belly pleasant and stedfast, and put under the longue, it quencheth thirst. Therefore beeing in the tenth moone, secrdt this vertue in the first or tenth houre.

And it hath beene proved of Philosophers of late time, and of certaine of our brethren, that, it being put against the Beame of the Sunne putteth forth fiery beames.

In addition to these instruments, magicians were generally provided with two or more pentagrams for protection, a container for incense, writing loree and a brazier containing willow wood, which latter bums throughout the rite. It is called of the Chaldees, Ciboi, of the Greeks Iphim.

Now he must know how to gain the confidence of the spirit-guardians.

Then make your trip. Grimoires such as the Grand Grimoire indicate that it is widi his immediate subordinates—Beelzebuth and Astaroth among them— that the actual pact is made. The metal itself, of course, must be purified hv lire, and the characters which are to be seen in the illustrations ne engraved thereon with the Needle of the Art: Get quicklime and slake this with exorcised water, and put these in the jar. This is probably so, but the method of working out which days were under which stars, and how the planetary hours were arrived at, was conveniently simplified by Albertus Magnus, in his Secrets.


This was one facet of its mystical Sufi interpretation.

The Secret Lore of Magic : Idries Shah :

Note that there shall be nothing hanging, neither anything crosswise to anything else, no tapestries or clothes hanging, and no hats or cages of birds, or curtains of the bed, and so on.

The second type of Black Magic did not involve quite zecret harsh penalties. Grant, Great Adonai, that it be an agreeable sacrifice. This worthy is to be ordered to take the actual knife of sacrifice and from the blade to make secrer caps, to fit over the ends of the dummy rod.

Obey me, then, by the power of these Holy Names, and by these mysterious symbols and the secret of secrets. You put at the two half-circles the first letter of your name and surname. Then say this Oration: After inscribing on the blade agla, and having fumigated it, the knife will serve you for all purposes. Buy one, as you bought the ribbon. Before starting the process, do thus: Thou mayst therefore depart in peace, and shall return when I call unto thee.