– Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online Carl Jung ooks Andrew Salter. Results 1 – 21 of 21 Hypnotism New and Revised Edition by George H. Estabrooks and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. From Hypnotism, by G.H. Estabrooks, , Paperback published in New York by E.P. Dutton Reproduced here by permission of Dutton.

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The stage hypnotist breaks every condition which would g.a.esatbrooks to be necessary to the psychologist in his laboratory, but, strange to say, he is just as successful as is the true scientist. About as nonmystic a procedure as anyone could wish. Yet we must bear in mind that this use of hypnotic records has bypnosis definite limitations. Should he really have a vision of the cat, his actions will be characteristic. It has forced hypnotism back into the psychological laboratory where the psychologist, with a much greater range of interest than his medical compatriot, has been doing some very excellent work during the past twenty years.

If he does not, no one is any the wiser as to what has actually been taking place. He cares very little about the popularity of his subject and insists on a thorough investigation of every question.

From this point the professional will probably go through the usual stage procedure, have his subject fish for whales in a goldfish jar, bark all around the stage on hypnpsis fours, give a Fourth of July speech and finally awaken his very embarrassed subject just yypnosis he is about to remove most of his clothes.

Keep looking in my eyes. Many of the older hypnotists, writing around were quite definite in their assertions that no one could be hypnotized against his will. So here we employ the disguised technique. The so-called lie g.a.estqbrooks provides an excellent screen behind which to work. To them such questions were merely side issues, and very unpleasant side issues at that. Different Kind of People.


Where L Ron Hubbard got the idea for the fraud called Dianetics – Estabrooks – HYPNOTISM (c)

That seems to depend almost entirely on the subject. The subject, armed with a rubber knife, would gladly murder his victim. Speech muscles instead of eyes, inability to move a leg as opposed to an arm, or other substitutions. The tests which we have suggested as of aid in detecting those individuals who will go into deep hypnotism, are, however, only bits of the hypnotic technique itself.

He had a group who wished to listen to his record.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2

We reply that the danger is .ga.estabrooks imaginary. As a result we find there in almost every town of any size some doctor who is g.a.estabroosk authority on the subject and uses it as needed in his practice. Another most interesting way of inducing the trance is by means of the victrola record. My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members Home F. Your hands are locked tightly together.

Most psychologists are either unfamiliar with his technique or ignore it completely. For any amateur such attempts would only lead to prison. I am talking to you and you will answer in your sleep. It is impossible for you to pronounce your own name.

To be sure, the facts he unearths may be unpleasant. Returning five minutes later he was astonished to see that one of the group was evidently going into deep hypnosis. We will see that his technique is almost identical with that of the stage hypnotist, that the underlying psychology is the same and the results much more effective. Hypnotism is notoriously time consuming and any device which could meet this objection g.a.estabroois make it far more acceptable to the average medical man. When faced with these very unpleasant possibilities they settled the issue hhpnosis a few experiments which proved their own point, but which are quite worthless from the viewpoint of modern psychology.


Your eyelids are locked tightly together. You are falling sound, sound asleep. Group hypnotism in the popular sense of the word is quite impossible.

Very frequently, when we dare the subject to open his eyes, bend his arm or stand up, he makes no effort whatsoever. Another rapid way of picking the good subject, in the absence of any equipment, is simply to use the test of clasping the hands, as mentioned previously. You will talk to me in your sleep just as you have often heard others talk, but you will not wake up.

Nor is he in any way worried about having the cooperation of his victim. We have described a procedure which anyone can master.

The operator seats himself bu the sleeping subject and begins talking in a very low voice. When I give the word you will open your eyes but you will not wake up. Everything went very nicely until the operator said, “I am now going to ask you a few simple questions which you will answer. You cannot take even one step forward. Throughout the entire seance we keep stressing the idea, “You will not wake up until you are told.