Hilyat al-Awliya wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya (Ranges of The Friends of Allah) Arabic Book By [B# 6G5 HB pp 12 Vols,2 @7A1,, Dar Al- Kotob Ilmiyah Al-Fawz Al-Kabir Fi Usul Al-Tafsir:Shah Waliyyullah, New English. Hilyat ul- Awliya wa Tabaqat-ul-Asfiya (The Adornment of the Saints and the encyclopedic book by Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad al-Isphahani. English Books > Pearls of Remembrance > – اسلامی لائبریری .. Abu Nuaym, Hilyat-ul-awliya wa tabaqat-ul-asfiya () 5. Maqdasi, al-Ahadith-ul-mukhtarah .

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Bayhaqi, al-Mudkhil ila as-Sunan al-kubra 1: Ibn Majah, as-Sunan 2: Khaniqahi Nimatullahi publications, at They are truthful when they speak, and they are not suspicious of others’ truthfulness. Hence, Omar, God be pleased with him, rose above worldly ranks to receive the glad tidings of his Lord’s blessings during his lifetime.

They labored hard and renounced most of the so- called worldly pleasures, and in fact, they truly emulated the lives of God’s prophets and messengers, their deputies and the blessed ones who abide in the safety and nearness of their Lord.

If they turn out to be the same, then it is evident that information about early renunciants, traditionists, and jurisprudents were preserved and transmitted in much the same circles as information about early Sufis.

The Religion of Peace or Terror?

Abu Nu`aym

Tabari, Jami-ul-bayan fi tafsir al-Quran Surely, the comfort hhilyat this life will not last, and no one is secure from its bereavements.

Daylami, al-Firdaws bima thur-il-khitab 2: Whenever a servant of Allah stands on a piece of barren land and intends to offer ritual prayer, the earth feels proud of it. Thus, his own piety becomes his observer, the Qur’an his guide, fear of wrongdoing his proof, nobility his trade, caution his companion, awe his mark, prayers his cavern, fasting englihs shield of protection, charity his relief, truthfulness his attendant, chastity his commander, and behind all of that stands the glory of his Lord to watch aqliya his performance.


What you can understand is limited to recognizing the attributes and the essence of perceived matters, but when it comes to describing the One Whom no slumber nor sleep can seize Him, you will surely fail.

I do not cultivate the confused ones for My company, nor do I answer the inquisitions of the fraudulent ones. They are seized by awe, and their fear cannot be appeased. Someone in his household brought a pitcher of fresh honey sweetened water. Such are the ones who have made their foreheads a constant pillow for their prostrations, and the rough grounds of the earth a comfort for their sides.

I yearn to meet them, and I ask for God’s forgiveness for qwliya and for you. It also suggests, I would add, a certain hilyxt The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings upon him. Indeed you have received knowledge from its fountainhead, and you englisg earned your share of it with uttermost devotion.

And every comfort will unfailingly perish.

Abu Nu`aym – Wikipedia

They were close to the people, they loved the meek, they were expeditious in satisfying his needs, and they were well respected in the community. They hilyaat the comfort of this world, and gave up the company of its advocates. Awliua I opened the door, he entered our chamber and said: If such truth is placed in the balance tomorrow, it will definitely weigh heavy in their favor.

The more his realization expands, the more his devotion increases, and his detachment from the ephemeral world becomes easier. Truly it is the party of Allah englishh will achieve true felicity. They consider their trials as a vehicle for advancement despite the extreme sufferings they may endure. When such a person dies, God Almighty will replace him with one of the three.

Presses de l’Ifpo

Omar also shared in the hardships and the sufferings of the believers in anticipation of seeing God’s promise fulfilled. Their bodies dwell on earth, and their eyes are anchored – 18 – The Beauty of The Righteous upon the heavens.

Guide those who are seeking My path. Daylami, al-Firdaw bima thur al-khitab 4: They are protected from looking at this abject world with arrogance, and they observe the work of their Beloved with contemplation and ehglish. Feel free to give our address: On the other hand, from certitude branches four shoots; 1 An intelligent insight; 2 wisdom in interpreting the events, 3 cognizance and taking heed of the past and present lessons of life; 1 A, bin ‘Amru also reported this tradition, re ‘Ali, describing the epithet of Islam acceptance of God’s messagewhile other narrators also reported this tradition, re al-Igba’ bin Nabata, re ‘Ali, depicting lman faith.


In his reply, Ibn ‘Abbas said: They – 15 – Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Alfiya intensify their struggle when calm entices others to slow down, and they are mindful of the unexpected surprises of the hour. On my way, I found a bedouine woman who had raised a small hump of dates on the ground intending to wash them.

Brill, 2: He will wake them up. The archangel Gabriel, upon whom peace, soon descended upon God’s messenger and said: No one recognizes him, and he arouses no curiosities. Moreover, time will pass and no one can come even near his uprightness.

To their wisdom and perception, material comfort was a burden that they had to constantly unload. Chapter 31 – He did not create things from preexisting matters nor from elements that were known before Him; rather. Only after the four years passed that ‘Abdullah divided the remaining balance between the heirs. Almighty Allah has created you to worship Him, and He delegated honorable angels to record your actions and to watch over you. What is innate and common, they explored, and what is unique, they emphasized.

Sufficient is the heavenly paradise as a reward for the believers, and hell as a curse and as an eternal punishment for the unbelievers. This will make you distinguished in the heavens, and you will always be remembered on earth.