I setup my program to find hikkake’s based on the “Bullish Hikkake, Confirmed” pattern shown in the figure to the right. That includes the 3-bar hikkake and up to . Concept: Trading strategy based on false breakouts. Research Goal: Performance verification of the hikkake pattern. Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure The hikkake pattern, or hikkake, is a technical analysis pattern used for determining market turning-points and continuations. It is a simple.

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I show the candle in the inset and it appears above the blue line on the chart.

The hikkake pattern has been adopted for use by IntStream Oy, a global data distributor of the Nordic bikkake energy market Nord Pool, in their E2 energy market analysis platform designed for use by institutional traders. Vonasi 3 weeks ago. Chesler, CMT and are not popularly hikkzke to describe the pattern. Chakravarthy Snvs at They are not personal or investment advice nor a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument.

Wilko This was a rather interesting idea that appears to work on a short timeframe. JohnScher 6 months ago. Look for an inside day lower high and higher low compared to the prior day followed by a lower high and lower low. Outsidebar indicator candlestick candlestick pattern outsidebar.

patterh Once in the trade, a stop placed below the bottom of the hikkake would work well. Good afternoon I tried to code in mt4 and this error is appearing in your code, can Same Candle Run Analysis Graph analysis candlestick pattern candlesticks patterns same candle run. PRC is also now on YouTube, subscribe to our channel for exclusive content and tutorials. Dan Chesler CMT, CTA discovered the hikkake candlestick pattern and popularized it in two articles, “Trading false moves with the hikkake pattern,” from Active Trader magazine, Apriland “Quantifying market deception with the hikkake pattern,” from The Technical AnalystNovember The remaining candles are there for confirmation.


You can see our progress in the forum.

Hikkake pattern

So it may not hold. This chart shows the variation that I like to see, that of the hikkake in a downward price trend. Candlesticks patterns indicator candlestick patterns.

In both variants, the first bar of the pattern is an inside bar i. Trend reversal and continuation patterns Bulkowski candlestick pattern candlesticks patterns. This is a counter trend trade. Bullish hikkake at support zone potentially to be triggered today. Some pattern hikkakf are the registered trademarks of their patgern owners.

HIKKAKE PATTERN ~ simple pattern [vimalraj] –

Trading may expose you to risk of loss patttern than your deposits and is only suitable for experienced investors who have sufficient financial means to bear such risk. Data delayed 15 to 20 minutes unless otherwise indicated. In theory, the hikkake is supposed to be a bullish candlestick, but it can act either as a reversal or continuation of an existing price trend.

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Hikkake Pattern by Daniel Chesler

First target will be the next key support level. Set Trading Orders – Set orders to join the trade at the breakout of the range to the opposite direction.

This generates buy signal. Anyway, codes are ;attern. Copy paste from link – http: Pattegn After a small error crept in, a correct itf. Francesco78 1 year ago. The bullish hikkake candlestick pattern resembles a three inside down candle pattern but without the constraints.


Hikkake pattern – Wikipedia

Harman Preet at Does seem like an opportunity to short here if not hikkae yet, with good RR. Candles near the yearly low perform best.

The best average move 10 days after price closed above the top of the highest high or below the lowest low in the 3-bar candlestick was 4. The failure itself shows reflectance of traders to continue in the direction of the original breakout, so the Hikkake direction is favored. From the creators of MultiCharts. The following table shows the performance as measured from the top or bottom of the 3-bar candle to the end of the trend.

That shouldn’t be a surprise because price is probably closer to the top of the confirmed candle than the bottom. Do tall candle shadows predict price turns? I am collating the information form last couple of days. Select market data provided by ICE Data services. Nice Fakey Set Up nikkake, When price returned from going outside the mother bars low then closed with in the range of the mother bars.

The fakey entry is triggered as price moves back up past the high of the inside bar or the low in the case of a bearish fakey. Bard Hi Violet, Thanks so much for making this screener. Subscribe to RSS feeds. Thought to share it with you and anyone who want to extract information out of it