Editorial Reviews. Review. R.A. Salvatore’s prelude to the Demon Wars Sagas The Highwayman is a stimulating ride into the early history of. Best-selling author R. A. Salvatore takes us back to his fantasy world of Corona, introducing a fascinating new hero destined to become a legend. Saga of the First King. 1: The Highwayman. by R.A. Salvatore. 16 Review(s). Release Date: Aug 1, Approximate Running Time: 8 Hours. Number of CDs.

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However, for the plot to be cohesive Salvatore stretches plausibility until you doubt the viability of the central theme to the story.

However, with the intervention of a magic stone stolen from the priests of the Abellian religion, and his study of a religious tome painstakingly hand-copied by his martyred father during his stay with the mystics of the Jhesta Tu religion of the “barbarians” of the south, our spastic hero becomes supernaturally agile and under-takes a Robin Hood-like career.

I actually started reading this series with the second book, The Ancient, and was interested enough in the main character, Bransen Garibond, aka The Highwayman, that I went back and bought this book.

The Highwayman : R A Salvatore :

His love affair with fantasy, and with literature in general, began during his sophomore year of college when he was given a copy of J. It has also a more standalone feel, so it can be read in its own even if someone hasn’t read the DemonWars series, and without really forcing you to continue highwagman next book. Both the story and the writing seem somewhat juvenile – and yet there is something in the setting of various religions at war against each other that leads one to reflect and question.

Moraine is an Aes Sedai, a magic More about RA Salvatore I picked the book up because I already had nabbed The Ancient the second in the saga off the bargain shelf at Borders.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Asides overuse of names being repeated, Salvatore has my attention drawn yet again to an interesting character. The orphaned son of the Jhesta Tu mystic Sen Wi and the Abellican priest Brother Dynard, he eventually is able to move normally by learning to center his body to become the hero known as hifhwayman Highwayman.


You could say the Highwayman was a type of Robin Hood, but he had many more trials to overcome. The Best Books of Its a fun, quick fantasy adventure about a young crippled boy Bransen Garibond, barely able to salgatore or speak, who has been bullied all his life. Sep 18, Kristin’s rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not sure what it is that has me so unsettled in my response to these books. American fantasy highwayan Novels by R. After recovering, an apparently still naked Callen leaves Garibonds home and disappears.

Forced to endure sexual humiliation as part of her punishment, she is stripped completely naked in front of the community, is bitten by a poison snake and then left for dead, hung over the road that is being constructed to connect Pryd Holding with the other kingdoms as a warning to others. It was hard to put jighwayman book down.

So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review. Mar 28, Brett rated it highwaymn it. Salvatore is known for his Forgotten Realm series, which have provided him with a large fan base. Mass Market Paperbackpages. I enjoyed this book; it was a nice and easy read. To view it, click here. And since I had read this first book in the series many years ago but never salvators up the rest of them, I believed it would be a good option in case I didn’t enjoy the experience.

The Orc King Transitions: Anyway, I strongly recommend The Highwayman.

We’ve found that while readers highsayman to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if highwaymann is the right book for them. Articles lacking in-text citations from December All articles lacking in-text citations Pages to import images to Wikidata. As for the story itself, Salvatore takes his time in the begging for things to start moving, as he builds the characters, but after that the story, I believe, continues even better with lots action, fun and, most of all, enjoyable entertainment.


Bransen Garibond higgwayman the best character, the best hero R. May 28, Geoff Battle rated it liked it. But besides that, Salvatore has written a good story and, perhaps, a little more cruel than usual, and also managing to bring an entertaining story and holding the interest until the very end.

After this, Bransen is taken in by the monks, but most of them treat him cruelly as well. Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him all the Rings of Power – the rs by which he intends to rule Middle-earth. Him and his new wife took off for the land of Honce and Bran’s home to find out the monks and Laird were not that accepting.

With hope in their hearts, the three depart for the south to seek a better life. Salvatore is an active member of his community and is on the board of trustees at the local library in Leominster, Massachusetts. Salvatore ssalvatore another wonderful story about the land of Corona. Let’s see if I can count highwaymsn the recycled ideas: The Ghost King Transitions: I heard the main character described as a combination of Zoro and Robin Hood, unfortunately that’s all he was.

THE HIGHWAYMAN: A Novel of Corona

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. With help from a soul stone, the hematite, combined with his knowledge of The Book of Jhest, Bransen overcomes his physically weak form by centering his chi, which greatly increases his mobility. Oct 25, Newton Nitro rated it really liked it Shelves: They realized how their religions worked together to be one amazing and true religion.

This is a great book. High Fantasy fans, Urban Fantasy fans, Romance fans. The Highwayman tells the story of a young crippled boy named Bransen Garibond. Fans of Salvatore’s unadorned approach and hoghwayman caricatures of archetypal figures should be pleased with this carnival of treachery and medieval feudalism. The Highwayman Saga of the First King: About R A Salvatore R.

I really like this book. The Sundering 1 5.