Girish Karnad’s play Hayavadana is considered one of the landmark works in the annals of Indian theatre. The play brings about the interplay of. Hayavadana is a popular play by Girish Karnad discussing about incompleteness, human relations, absurdism, sins, hypocrite ideals, etc. Get all the key plot points of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana on one page. The play opens with a puja to Ganesha, as the Bhagavata asks that.

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The Industrial Theatre Co’s production with its own set of distinct embellishments, seeks to give the tale, already possessing of much contemporary resonance, the quality of a latter-day fable. Get theatre updates in your inbox subscribe to Mumbai Theatre Guide weekly updates.

As Padmini travels through the woods, she discovers Kapila living there. Part 3 — Closure: Have you read these? In this play, the Bhagavata serves as the narrator. The two men are revived: Which guides should we add? Mail will not be published required.

Several factors make this play stand out. Born out of an argument Mr Karnad had with B V Karanth about the use of masks and music in Indian theatre, this production’s use of masks only extends itself to the figurative, with the talking horse Mr Saha with his hayaadana framed in wiring shaped like a horse’s head amounting to little more than a non-sequitur.

HAYAVADANA play review

Hayavadana, who has completely transformed into a horse now, returns to the stage. Bhagavata hyaavadana Hayavadana about its condition, suspecting that some curse might have fallen on him. What if the weak Brahmin poet becomes muscular and the sinewy warrior takes the body of the weak poet? He eventually explains that he is there hayafadana woo her for Devadatta. Devadatta returns with the dolls and tries to find Padmini in the woods.


Padmini Padmini is the spark that ignites the rivalry between Devadatta jayavadana Kapila. It would all be very well if the actual audience, seated all around in stodgy office-chairs, poay to imbibe the same enthusiasm for the unfolding themes, and that is something that isn’t immediately clear. Recently, Izaara Productions brought this famous play alive on stage in Singapore under the skilful direction of Monisha Charan.

He has regained his strength, just as Devadatta has lost his. Another factor I was impressed with is the hayavaeana of the supporting cast.

Recovering from the interruption, the Bhagavata returns to the play. This could well be the reality for many across the world. Meanwhile, a female chorus sings in the background about the nature of love. Are they happy in their new avatars? The first is Devadattathe son of a Brahmin who outshines the other pundits and poets of the kingdom.

Hayavadana meaning horse-facea play written by Girish Karnad, is the story of three protagonists Devadatta, Kapila, and their lady-love Padmini.

On the way, Devadatta asks Kapila and Padmini to visit some temple. One day the three decide to visit some fair in Ujjain.


HAYAVADANA play review , English play review –

Hayafadana story then jumps forward six months, when Padmini is pregnant with a sonand the three friends are meant to go on a trip to Ujjain together. At one point in the play, the poet Devadatta says that according to the Shastras, the head is what signifies a man.

The first actor explains that his… gayavadana full character analysis. Download this Lit Guide! While they are arguing, the horse namely Hayavadana enters the stage who has a head of the human and body of a horse. All Terms Puja Brahmin Sati. When the Goddess Kali comes to her rescue, she can bring the two beheaded men to life but instead uayavadana giving each body its rightful head, she mixes things up.

Karanthstaged the play at Rangashankara. That patriotic horse also comes and Bhagavata at once recognizes him as Hayavadana.


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At first, the three of them are amused by the mix-up, but when they try to return home, they discover hayavadxna. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! They buy two dolls for their son.

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