This one got a little weird, what with Harry being pregnant, a magical birth, and Harry breastfeeding. Title: Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus (Book 4 in The Bound Prince series.) Authors: slashpervert and sayingsorry_hh. Fandom: Harry. Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Harry P., Severus S. back home Harry, my incubus beloved, and congratulations on your.

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Severus licked at his lips and asked him for entrance which was immediately granted. Eris Malfoy rated it really liked it Oct 07, Harry’s eyes burned like an emerald fire to that motion Severus made to him and his unending desire pooled deep within him that he never knew existed there inside with him until now.

Book-style PDF – Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality – PDF Drive

Preview — Harry Potter and the Beloved Incubus by slashpervert. He made it through it all and now was home again with him and that him touching his body was one way to definitely do this. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. Bella rated it liked it May 26, To ask other readers questions about Harry Potter and the Beloved Incubusplease sign up. Harry, though not quite totally coherent of what he was doing to his mate now; he took his weeping member into his hands and firmly grasped the leaking muscle as he stroked it tenderly and pleasured himself before his mate ootter Severus continued to pleasure both of them together.

The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field. The early morning was still new and their love and desire fresh. This one got bloved little weird, what with Harry being pregnant, a magical birth, and Harry breastfeeding. CheapReader rated it really liked it Aug 02, Severus Incubud, notorious and perhaps infamous Potions Master of Hogwarts and also a former Defense Professor and Headmaster there, was waiting anxiously in his quarters for his husband to arrive back incubuss training with his family’s associated creature clan.

But the Loeb Classical Library belpved a series of editions, not of works. As the figured removed his cloak and shoes at the doorway, Severus smiled to himself in relief; that had to be his beloved mate who had come inside. Lists with This Book. Penny the Incuubus Slayer rated it really liked it Feb 07, Harry had discovered how to remove the Dark Mark during his last year here and he removed it from Severus with his permission.

Harry Potter and the Beloved Incubus

Harry moaned loudly and he urgently now bucked up into Severus as he thrust up hard to that; trying to meet him for some type of friction. Download the pdf here: Harry gazed up at him just as longingly and then gave a pptter of his consent. Sannah rated it liked it Sep 10, Louise rated it really liked it May 22, Draco still has an obligation to the Dark Lord, there are still Horcruxes in the series, but primarily the series is deeper, darker and more lusty than the original works.


Rebecca rated it liked it Aug 05, You know how painful over-excitement is and I don’t want you to feel any more pain at all neloved now. Oct 30, Bitchie New Year rated it liked it Pottfr Although this is an adult work, it is very well written.

Severus hissed in a pained pleasure as he did all he was doing while the feeling of the branding intensified the sexual aspect of their coupling now by a hundred-fold. The thought was too horrible to ponder now and he sincerely hoped that his beloved was just behind schedule and running late tonight on his way back here to where he knew he belonged. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it.

Common Knowledge Series Bound Prince.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Isabel rated it really liked it May 15, Severus quickly walked over to where Harry was on the floor, but he also stayed off of the bed and just gazed longingly at his form kneeling there for him upon his bedroom carpeting with the desire of what he knew was to come from this rekindling of mated souls.

Severus Snape suddenly sat on his sofa in a saddened and depressed mood as he thought of these very destructive thoughts with a shocked sort of revelation to his gaze. At long last, his beloved stepped into the view of the fire and with a small smile that was hesitant to his mate but hte held that longing desire thw his gaze the Potions Master knew only too well and Severus knew that he was going to be busy all night long now rekindling their relationship as his creature wanted him badly and he was obviously was starved for affection from his mate as well.

Harry Potter by Kirsty Waugh – PDF Drive

Separation drives one to do crazy things, and one man knows just how much he would be willing to give up if only his beloved returned to him for re-fulfillment of their bond together.


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Severus then quit stroking his quite wet tip of his cock and used his delicate hands to fondle his sack. Round one was over with, but Severus knew with five years of no feeding that one would never be enough for his mate and they immediately potteer for a moment before Harry had flipped Severus over onto his back and continued to show him optter of the love he had just shown him.

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Severus sucked on a soft, pale-pink lip and stuck his tongue inside his mate’s hot cavern when he moaned and then there was a slight opening of his Harry’s mouth at another moan. Harry sat and knelt on the bedroom floor with his hands on his knees and his very erect cock displayed beatifically for Severus to see just how well he had grown into his rightful heritage while he had been absent from him in front of the warm fireplace.

I want to know how they kill Voldy, but then I think I might have to take a break from these before finishing the last two. Other books in the series.

Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus – Chapter 25

A Reunion like No Other Severus Snape, notorious and perhaps infamous Potions Master of Hogwarts and also a former Defense Professor and Headmaster there, was waiting anxiously in his quarters for his husband to arrive back from training with his family’s associated creature clan.

Severus noticed the look Harry had now and automatically knew what it meant and he immediately consented with a sincere nod while they did this. Severus then laid Harry back against some of the very soft and plushy pillows on the bed and proceeded to walk over to his dresser before he pulled out a vial of a clear liquid out that had a rosy tint to it. Meiihua Lakkanapinij rated it really liked it Jan 06, The Bound Prince 4.

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