The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War – right after the Soviet Union. Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem [Harry Martinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the paperback edition translated from the. When Swedish poet and writer Harry Martinson was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

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I ranged the universe but passed it by — for captive on Aniara here was I.

Has any human brain ever mastered all the words of the language of Xinombra? This is a fantastic situation, yes, but is it really so different from our lives? Of all the Nobel Prizes in Literature, the one awarded to Martinson and Johnson in is probably the most disputed.

As they plunge onwards in this horizonless, unchanging future they find: With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he also acquainted himself with advanced modern physics and its consequences for the rapidly changing world. It also has an artificial intelligence aboard, ‘the mima’ sometimes also capitalized, as ‘Mima’which attains a level of self-awareness, its own inventor surprised to find: This was not too difficult when it came to the Swedish classics from the 19th and early 20th centuries, but contemporary Swedish writers did not excite me.

There was something absolutely special about it. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. We now suspect that what we claim is space and glassy clarity around Aniara’s hull is spirit, everlasting and impalpable, that we have strayed in spiritual seas.

The Andromeda Galaxy was one of the sources that inspired the poem. The book is not currently in print. The style is symbolic, sweeping and innovative for its time, with creative use of neologisms to suggest the science fictional setting:. The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniaramartimson the height of the Cold War — right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb.

Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

It is very peculiar and haunting, with sharp critique against weapons of mass destruction, and the environmental changes humans are inflicting on the earth. As the flight of the ship progresses, the reader learns more about the reasons behind the destruction of Earth as well as the horrifying secrets behind the evacuation plan.


It was inspired by the events of WW II and by news of the hydrogen bomb in Las descripciones del viaje aniars principio del libro, o el canto 77 donde se describe una estrella muerta son puro sentido de la maravilla. Moreau still finds hope and solace martjnson humankind’s heart despite wild experiments with horrible outcomes, the dystopia of the nuclear age is bleak, hopeless, an eternal trap.

Where the nuclear physicist can go no further, Martinson, with the help of his unconfined imagination, can journey on in intriguing investigations into modern scientific phenomena, and not least highlight the direction in which the whole scientifically-based perception of the world and society can force mankind.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aniara – Harry Martinson. Men oooo som jag gillade denna!

This is a lyrical account of a group of people fleeing the destruction of Earth who are hurtled into the reaches outer space and are forced to confront the insignificance of mankind in the grand scheme of the cosmos. Oct 13, Manu Castellanos rated it really liked it. I found the first third or so, as well as the finale, to be the most powerful, while the middle part failed to hold my interest in the same way.

The book describes the attempts of the emigrants to cope with their fate: An impossible task, to be sure. The rooms of Mima, according to Martinson, represent different kinds of life styles or forms of consciousness.

Furthermore, he created two works that fairly rapidly liberated themselves from their author, indeed from between the covers of the books in which he had written them. Sep 19, Pixelina rated it it was amazing Shelves: The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War – right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb.

Ashore, he was something of a drifter, doing part-time work and augmenting his meagre income with earnings from selling poems. Magtinson science eventually grinds to a halt — because there are no tools barry empirical research — Martinson feels at liberty to carry on the search for our innermost truth. Hard, but aniarx bloody worth it. I dreamt myself a life, then lived a lie. I ranged the universe but passed it by – For captive on Aniara here was I. How could a small group of part-time readers ever hope to cover all of world literature?


It’s a beautiful, though bleak, book filled with great lines and fine observations. It is very familiar to every educated Swede, and to non-Swedes it is out of reach due to the language barrier.

Aniara – Harry Martinson

The Swedish progressive metal band Seventh Wonder ‘s album The Great Escape contains a minute track of the same name which is based on the Aniara saga. Politics aside, having read quite a lot by both Johnson and Martinson, and at least two or three works by all other laureates worldwide as well, I belong to aniada party claiming they deserved the honour DESPITE being in the academy.

By now, I was a little older and more mature and could appreciate it better. But everything passes in time. The world is still developing in a direction where power to destroy is given to people with no sense of love and responsibility for the beautiful nature of our shared planet and our common cultural heritage. But there is no protection from aniafa. The book is organized as a succession of short anoara about the people living on a spaceship that is drifting away from the solar system after being disabled by an accident.

I don’t know where to start with this review, so I’ll just leave that quote up there and say my goal is aniaara learn Swedish so I can get a copy in the original language and read it again.

In English

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This year, it has been 40 years since the Swedish Author Harry Martinson died. View all 4 comments. Poetry in and about space, the tragic flaw of the main character our species shut in a capsule and shot into cosmic dimensions. After being thrown off course its 8, souls are left to live what remains of their lives in a vast spaceship hurtling into the unknown emptiness of space, with no hope of ever returning to Earth.