GRC SAP BusinessObjects Access Control – Implementation and. Configuration SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Date Training Center Instructors. GRC – SAP Access Control Implementation and Configuration | SAP TRAINING SAP BusinessObjects Access Control Solution:SAP BusinessObjects. A 2 days overview for the new release of SAPGRC (BusinessObjects Governance, Risk, and GRC SAP Access Control Implementation and Configuration.

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Define workflow-related MSMP rules.

I am testing our access request workflows and applied a mitigating control to a risk in order to continue the workflow. For new customers implementing Access Control, the rules contained in these support packs contain the most recent version of the delivered ruleset.

SCN : All Content – Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC)

Articles on this Page showing articles to of I then tried to delete the entire mitigating control then went through the same process e. This exam validates that the candidate has a good and overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. PSS is configured and is working fine except very few cases. The candidates for SAP certification can opt for erpprep. Common GRC settings configuration.

The Manager receives two notifications asking him to approve seperately the two line items of the same request. My system doesn’t have such a checkbox for Check Active. This will not only help you in solving the question well, but it helps you to master the syllabus. I have an idea what the problem might be so experimenting and no luck so far but any advice would be highly appreciated and thank you once again for taking the time out to read this.


I am able to successfully upload roles into GRC and provision the roles. Make sure that you follow to this roadmap to success in the SAP certification. These are the documents that have been referred to get here – so any help would be greatly appreciated. Activate Business Configuration BC sets. I have seen Change log configuratioon two sections. Today we found that it gave error at first attempt.

SAP GRC AC Certification Exam Syllabus | ERPPrep

Generated password doesn’t work, happens once in a hundred or more requests. Just so you are aware I’ve been racking my brain to get this working and I have read all the posts that I can find on SCN busiessobjects elsewhere and yet I have not solved the issue, hence I would appreciate if you could kindly take some time from your busy kmplementation and provide any advice.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Will you please guide how can i activate the “rules” for the uploaded risk?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Before I would do a few at time manually but doing ‘s roles manually would be painful.


Are you the publisher? For existing customers, you will need to review the updates made per the Word document included in sap note and manually make the changes to your ruleset that you believe are applicable in your environment.

SAP GRC AC Certification Preparation Guide

If someone has faced the similar issue and found a solution, please update. When I need to do a mass upload of roles using the template provided, all the roles upload.

Installation Checklist for Access Control The only option then is to manually make the changes using the Rule Architect functionality. Risk are different from summary and Detail reports in GRC You can refer our following recommendation. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on the SCN on this same subject.

Skip to main content Skip to search. Report or table that would show the Business Role to Technical Role Mapping Roles in back-end system Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Congiguration this content in your HTML. I am trying to run our first User, Role and or Profile level Risk Analysis in a test environment but no results appear once risk analysis is executed See screenshot as attached.