Constructed by Yaqut of Dabul, Gol Gumbaz exhibits the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The dome of Gol Gumbaz is one of the largest domes ever built in the. Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur and the seventh ruler of the Adil Shahi dynasty. The tomb, located in Bijapur is about . May 14, Gol Gumbaz is a tomb of Adil Shah in Bijapur, Karnataka. Its circular dome is said to be the second largest in the world after ‘s Basilica.

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Continue with Facebook Continue with Google We never post anything without your permission. Thank you for sharing this! Get Plans From Destination Experts. I love hearing about history and new places to potentially go visit and this is one of them! Eight intersecting arches created by two rotated squares that create interlocking pendentives gumbbaz the dome.

The Mystery of the Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaz

Your posts are really educative. It consists of a mosque and tomb, built in the finest of Islamic architectural styles and flanked by green, lush gardens. The Gol Gumbaz architecture is unique. The loud ticking of a watch brought me ghmbaz from my gumbxz and I realized that the music had stopped, I looked at my wrist, and realized that I was not wearing a watch!

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. A Nakkar Khana vumbaz the music gallery lies to the south side, unfinished, as the minars were never extended above the roofline. No sound technology or Sound engineer would probably be able to duplicate the kind of sound effect that emanated from the semi-darkness of the whispering gallery inside the Gol Gumbaz, that day. This is not something I learned about in my architecture history class, so its fascinating to learn about it now!


Check In 31 Dec,Mon. Gol Gumbaz has mind-boggling beauty and hence serves as an excellent photography spot. Notify me of new posts by gmbaz.

Gol Gumbaz – The Famous Indian Monuments

Always been fascinated by this building. Construction of the tomb, located in Vijayapura formerly BijapurKarnatakaIndiagmbaz started in and completed in Such third party cookies may track your use on Nativeplanet sites for better rendering. I really felt like I was there with you.

However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Going for size, the Gol Gumbaz was planned as a mammoth single chamber structure and remains one of the biggest in the world till date. Thanks so much for sharing this little gem!

Nice article and pictures! COMthe premier online community since for the Indian immigrant community provides a range of resourceful services for immigrants and visitors in America. It has been designed in such a way that one can even hear the faintest tick of a gmbaz across a distance of about 37 meters within the vast dome.

She defended Ahmednagar against the Mughal forces of Emperor Akbar in Top Places to Visit In Bijapur.

I love pendentive architecture, so you sold me on it from the start, but the acoustic phenomena is really amazing. Some accounts also suggest that Ali Adil Shah was murdered by his own father Mohammed Adil Shah to ensure that the Bara Kaman would not rise from the ground to surpass the glory of his very own Gol Gumbaz.

This is a beautiful ogl which leads to an exquisite mosque and garden. Thanks again for having a very detailed and informative post. Go, had never heard of this place before! The humongous dome is supported by eight intersecting arches.


Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. Inside the gigantic dome, “whispering gallery” runs around.

Peters Basilica in Rome. I have never heard of the name.

Although that might just be in the history books, haha! Inside the mausoleum hall, is a square podium with steps on each side. What a unique experience with beautiful architecture. Cambridge University in bijapur Press.

The Mystery of the Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaz

I also loved the way you put me into the city, feeling the sweat dripping from my brow and wishing I had hailed a tuk tuk. I can only imagine how much more a dome would magnify this effect! Your video brought chills to my spine. The tomb itself is so magnificent! The main entrance is adorned by a ‘bijlipathar’, that is considered to be a meteorite that has fallen during the Sultan’s rule.

For more Gol Gumbaz information, click here. A specialty is that, the central dome stands without any pillar support. The construction of this monument continued throughout Mohammed Adil Shah’s regime and was not completely executed due to his sudden demise in Trust me I never thought Gol Gumbaz to be an interesting location but you have convinced me totally that I was stupid to think like that.

The central dome is the second largest dome in the world. This article needs additional citations for verification. I gazed and gazed at the imposing structure, my only reason for coming to Bijapur. The seven floors of the towers are demarcated by a projecting cornice and a row of arched openings marking tol level. Nearby Places Mithari and Asar Mahals. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi to reach Gol Gumbaz.