George Carlin’s been working the crowd since “the counterculture” became “the over-the-counter culture” around or so; his new book, Brain Droppings. CHAPTER ONE. Brain Droppings. By GEORGE CARLIN Hyperion. PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME ON LINE. Here’s something I can do without: People ahead of me . With nearly 20 albums, two Grammys, two Cable ACE awards, and more HBO specials sunder his belt than anyone else, George Carlin is more popular.

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The book has a lot of lists, short snips of his opinions and observations.

Sometimes you go on vacation, and you gotta take some of your stuff. It impacts my life every single day So when you get right down to it, your house is nothing more than a place to keep your stuff.

Bruce was edgy for a cause To say I read this book is deceptive. There ought to be at least one round state.

And whisper, ‘The creature is regenerating itself. I gave this book to my daughter for Christmas. No other stand-up comic was able to elicit laughs from audience across six decades or was as much a master of the full range of stand-up comedy types.

Everybody’s gotta have a place for their stuff. First of all, unlike carlln other gods I drlppings mention, I can see the sun. Snack on chewy one-liners like “A meltdown sounds like fu George Carlin’s been working the crowd since “the counterculture” became “the over-the-counter culture” carpin or so; his new book, Brain Droppingssurfs on three decades of touring-in-support.


It’s there for me every day. I say, “Hey, professor! X People who give their genitals a name. You can even give your stuff away. There is always hope.

Brain Droppings

geogge The menu can’t merely say “cheeseburger. Some see the glass as half-empty, some see the glass as half-full. George Carlin lashes out against circuses, the running of the bulls, scientific experiments on animals, zoos, “the whole beef-rancher-manure-cattle-hamburger side show,” etc etc.

Guys, you need to let the beard extend far enough back under your chin, so it reaches the point where your neck begins. Quotes from Brain Droppings. And so you fly to Honolulu, and you claim your stuff–if the airline didn’t drop it in the ocean–and you go georgge the hotel, and the first thing you do is put away your stuff.

I know, its cheesy, but its true. Mostly stuff to wear.

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X Guys who wink and give me the peace sign simultaneously. What are these jack-offs telling us? His routines were honed gemlike and glittering with gems.

I’m going through a period of upheaval. Soft rock is an oxymoron. Nov 18, Matt rated it it was ok. You got your 8 x 10 autographed picture of Drew Carey, a large can of gorgonzola-flavored Cheez Whiz, a small, unopened packet of brown confetti, a relief map of Corsica, and a family-size jar of peppermint-flavored, petrified egg whites.

So stuff is important. There’s a lot to be said for his comedy, a large part being delivery, but it is barin how and what he chooses to talk about.

You tell your lawyer to stuff it. This book is a gem for any George Carlin or comedy fan. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.


Swimming is not a sport. There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. Jun 29, Menglong Youk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 05, Christ rated it it was amazing. There’s all different ways ggeorge carryin’ your stuff.

Brain Droppings

I say, Drop the pipe, and go to the dick! I had quite not taken into account how much his delivery played a droppinsg Hey, you know what? The Salvation Army and Goodwill will actually come to your house and pick up your stuff and give it to people who don’t have much stuff.

My favorite part was probably the rant about “stuff”, so so true. Thanks for telling us about the problem. X Actors who drive race cars.

Brain Droppings: George Carlin: : Books

That sucky, non-threatening, easy-listening pussy music. Besides, the sink is usually filthier than I am. I was a dropppings fan of George Carlin and his somewhat sarcastic humor for years so when I saw this book I couldn’t resist picking it up.

Supply lines are getting longer and harder to maintain! I don’t think that many colleges accept dissertations on comedians but hey, if they do, I have a kick ass one in the works.

America has become a nation of obedient consumers, actively participating in their own degradation. Still reading, but I have to say what a profound effect George Carlin has had in my life. Lots of word play and puns.