Geographia Polonica () vol. 91, iss. 2, pp. | Full text. Geographia Polonica () vol. Special issue for the 21st International. Geographia Polonica is a scientific geographic journal that has been published.

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Cities and networking in the Baltic Sea Region Vol. The strongest effect of NAO on water stages is observed in the winter-spring period. Join the conversation about this journal. Two generalization models in economic geography.

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Analyses confirmed the hypothesis that the environment was significantly modified due to the LULC changes. An important factor affecting the development of international cooperation in the Baltic region andnational economic growth is the high economic growth rates in the geographka economically developed countries.

This maybe associated with more frequent thaws during winters, and increased supply to lakes in the period.

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Papers dealing with Central and Eastern Europe are particularly welcomed. The originality of this research is in the processing of large amounts of data 30 meters resolution images and medium-scale topographic maps on vast areas and the construction of maps allowing analyzing the data on a new scale.


The sequence of natural factors, according to their positive or negative influence on timberline and treeline courses was determined. Each year poloinca are published in the folowing months: We encourage contributors to send in their papers and other content, such as reviews and reports, for publication.

Essays on agricultural typology and land utilization 18 The course of the empiric timberline was delimited basing on aerial photographs with details from spatial data of Aerial Laser Scanning conducted in Henryk MaruszczakRoman Racinowski. Lech RatajskiWarsaw University.

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Political borders under ecological control in the Geographiz borderlands. Morphological slope evolution by linear and surface degradation.

Geographia Polonica () vol. 91, iss. 2 – Geographia Polonica

Proceedings of the Polish-Soviet Seminar on contemporary problems of developing countries, Warsaw, November 34 The dynamics of sedimentary environments geogrsphia the light of histogram types of grain abrasion.


Spatial variability of the effect has been recorded, resulting from the climatic conditions of a given region.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Agricultural typology of a mesoregion based on the example of Ponidzie Central Poland.

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Laying bare the controversy. Agricultural typology and rural development 45 44 SJR is a measure of scientific influence of journals that accounts for both the number of citations received by a journal and the importance or prestige of the journals where such citations come from It measures the scientific influence of the average article in a journal, it expresses how central to the global scientific discussion an average article of the journal is.

More specific evidence is then provided by Hungarian experience where national scale and ppolonica have played key roles in conditioning the quality poloniac cross-border cooperation and in the framing of state borders as resources.

LULChuman impactsocio-economic transformationcatchmentCarpathians. Year SJR 0. Jerzy Solon [ j. The empirical research updates the situation of cross-border shopping tourism activities.