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The course will consist of lectures, literature discussions, and practical laboratory work in small groups. Read more Skripr focus. About the chair We are interested in the mechanisms that cells use to form functional tissues during embryonic development. Es wird den Studierenden empfohlen, das in Englisch geschriebene Lehrbuch zu verwenden.

Teaching Winter Term /19 – AG Cullum – Genetics University of Kaiserslautern

The course will be in English. Der Aufbau der Vorlesung ist in weiten Teilen mit jenem des Lehrbuchs identisch. The aim of the course is to expose the students to a wide range of modern research areas encompassed by the field of membrane biology. Skip to main navigation. Research focus We are interested in the mechanisms genetk pattern formation and morphogenesis during animal development.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester Grundlagen der Biologie IA. We are interested in the mechanisms that cells use to form functional tissues during embryonic development.

The course will be taught in English. Differenzierung des Myzels 3.

Students will design and perform experiments, evaluate experimental results, analyze the current gennetik literature and understand the relevance of their work in the context of the current state of the membrane biology field. Die Lehrveranstaltung fokussiert sich auf folgende Bereiche innerhalb der Mykologie: Our work focusses on the interplay between biochemical signaling and cell mechanics during Drosophila development.

Travel to the Paul Scherrer Insitute will be organized by car rental or public transportation.

Skript zur Vorlesung.pdf

Specific glycan binding proteins and their role in deciphering the glycan code are presented. Classes and Courses Here you can find information on the classes and courses genetikk by the chair.

The role of glycans in infectious diseases, antigen mimicry and autoimmunity are discussed. We apply a combination of moleculargenetic, cell biological, biophysical and microscopy techniques to our research. We are interested skrilt the mechanisms of pattern formation and morphogenesis during animal development. The different pathways of N- and O-linked protein glycosylation and glycolipid biosynthesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes are discussed. Structure and linkages; analytical approaches; N-linked protein glycosylation ER, Golgi ; glycan-assisted protein folding skrip quality control; O-linked protein glycosylation; glucosaminoglycans; glycolipids; prokaryotic glycosylation pathways; lectins; glycans and infectious disease.


Read more The second edition of the book “Drosophila: Structural principles, nomenclature and different classes of glycosylation.

The second edition of the book “Drosophila: It will include the preparation of short essays marked about defined topics in Glycobiology. The course will introduce the students to the key concepts in membrane biology and will allow them to be involved in laboratory projects related to that broad field. Liyuan Sui Nov 09, Skip to secondary navigation.

Introduction to Glycobiology; M. All general lectures will be held at ETH Hoenggerberg; special lectures will be organized by individual participating groups. Membrane Biology Number of participants limited to Methods and Protocols” has been released. Results of the practical projects will be presented during the poster session at the end of the course. The recommended literature, including reviews and primary research articles, will be provided during the course. Reproduktionszyklen und systematische Einteilung der Pilze 4.