We offer our customers the ideal solution for their high precision requirements. Gehring form honing is an innovative process which allows to perform cylinder . The Gehring honing control allows for controlled stroke speeds and a high.

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The high movement and cutting speeds, together with optimized processes, significantly increase productivity. The earlier production of internal combustion engines required cylinder bores with high cylindric form and surface gerhing.

The large PT module is designed for machining series blocks and provides space for up to four spindle units.

Your benefits are clear.

Gehring Honing control

Furthermore, the tool has automatic retraction and a connection to the hydraulic expansion chuck. Whether Job-Honing, prototyping, process consultation or mechanical machining, we support you with a wide range of different types of services.

With regard to our current ecological and economic challenges, we are convinced: To make full use of our website, we recommend that you update your browser to the newest version.

For the industrialization of laser structuring, special facilities were developed in order to guarantee high process reliability in modern production lines. Flexible capacity potentials ensure networked product availability.

The optimized coordination of the honingstone-length and the honingstone-overflow refering to the drilling-length is most important. In addition to conventional honing operations, innovative processes such as formhoning can also be used. Tooling Rework Continuous professional tooling rework increases the life cycle of your honing tools and guarantees optimal process reliability. The process works with newly developed process hardware such as special honing tools with shorter abrasives dynamic stroke control dynamic electromechanical expansion system spring-mounted finish honing tool The conical shape is generated by feedback controlled stroke displacement with higher stock removal in the lower bore section due to increased contact time of the abrasives.


Basic and advanced honing training seminar was presented by panel of experts, and formal inauguration of Gehring Mexico took place in Silao on November 9th !

Gear Honing Tool | Gehring

Honing Tools Precision and durability characterize our tooling systems. Our product series smarthone particularly fulfills the needs of job shops in workshop manufacturing and prototyping. Produkte – Honwerkzeuge – Quicklink – Triple 1: Functionally optimized surfaces with improved tribological properties ensure lower oil consumptionemission improvementsreduced wear as well as lower fuel consumption. The deformation in the operating condition depends on: Our honing control was especially developed for honing processes and has already proven its value worldwide.

The cylindrical free form is determined either by Gehribg calculation or simulations using torque plates and tempering. Functionally optimized surfaces for defense and aerospace applications- because precision matters.

PT Series tooling system

By using our website, you agree that we make use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience with Gehring. Stone with T-shaped profile with a narrow reduced section and a short wide work element in the lower area.

Skip to main content. This applies to all industry-standard surface requirements of our customers. The ideal cylindrical bore distorts during operating conditions.

The grit size is then responsible for the stock removal of the material. The Microstar FSH is a precision machine tool with which finishing processes, grinding and honing can be performed in one setting. These challenges place new and ever increasing demands on equipment, requiring innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions. A highlight of the current model series is the revised design, which gehrig combines innovative technologies and an appealing construction. The dynamic electro-mechanical feeding gerhing the radial expansion position of the honing stones during the stroke movement according to the form and improves herewith the previous conical shape.

  ASTM D4814 PDF

KHL TECHNA GmbH | Gehring partner

The module provides secure and reliable access to your machine. We offer everything from single source- abrasives and tooling to honing machines.

Honing Tools Precision honing tools optimized for your produced tools. You are using a very outdated browser. Technical highlights Technical highlights The gear tool is designed for pre rough honing and stock removal up to 0. By using our website, you agree that we make use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience with Gehring. Continuous professional tooling rework increases the life cycle of your honing tools and guarantees optimal process reliability.

Principle of Form honing The ideal cylindrical bore distorts during operating conditions. For other actions, the operator can click through the individual stations. Our clients retain complete control of their data and the honig can be switched on or off at any time. Tools Precision and longevity are the hallmarks of our tooling systems, ensuring cost effectiveness, optimized surfaces and the best possible bore geometries.