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The direction and configuration of heat applied, was made on many of the prior units to formulate conclusions. Fuel 24 is ordinary gasoline and provides the necessary starting fuel for internal combustion engine 20 until sufficient thermal energy has been produced in order to sustain the operation of volatilization chamber 12 and pretreater section A bypass stream of exhaust may be diverted through the alternate fuel in the reactir chamber to help in volatilizing the alternate fuel and help carry the volatilized fuel through a heated reactor prior to setails being introduced into the fuel burning equipment.

Importantly, as shown in FIG. I still want to market the device in the United States first. Many attempts to use external electrical mechanical devices to enhance the production of plasmas in the GEET fuel processor, have all failed.

Whereas the volatilization chamber is shown as heated by the exhaust gas, the volatilization chamber could be heated by other means or, depending upon the material used as fuel, the volatilization chamber might not be heated at all.

For those who are attending the upcoming International Tesla Symposium Julywe hope to have the car at the symposium for demonstration as well as our smaller prototypes. This step is necessary since, absent my unique pretreatment process, it is impossible to operate an internal combustion engine with the alternate fuels that I am using.

This suggests the importance of increasing the pressure in the bubbler. Suggested improvements involve the use of spiralling aerodynamic flows so as to optimize the temperature gradients at several key locations by the Ranque-Hilsch effect to minimize the temperature round the central iron bar, and maximize it at the inner surface of the inner and outer pipesthermally insulating the outer pipe, increasing the pressure so as to maximize the solution of carbon dioxide in the bubbler, and circulating the resulting carbonic acid in adjacent reactors, using a multistage configuration of photosynthetic and anaerobic recycling biomass to convert it to oxygen and methane or using a reactive metal to release hydrogen in certain critical closed-cycle applications.

There will be a large number of reports dating back to that the inventor was not ready to release until he felt the timing was right. It is my opinion that Mr. Click here for Parts List at bottom Most professional plumbing construftion stores stock higher quality parts compared to large home centers cheap plumbing parts. You must point the exhaust end of consgruction rod due North while starting the engine the first time and let it run for 30 min to “burn in the rod”.


A number is also being considered if needed for technical support for the free plans. Also note that, when detailss CO 2 is eventually released in the atmosphere or recycled, one is left with a brew consisting of residual, unvolatilized fuel, soot and various heavy hydrocarbons, which would be ideally suited for recycling in a “Hadronic Reactor” into Magnegas.

To increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved, the pressure reacctor be maximal and the water circulated. These test were done on crude oils, gasoline, and fuel oils, mixed with water. Many discharges of this nature are so small they are not visible to the human eye.

The most crucial quality part is on the inner pipe, problems arise from inconsistent wall thickness, out of roundness, thick weld seams, etc on low quality pipe. The balance of exhaust 18b passes through plenum chamber 17 where a substantial portion of the balance of the thermal energy in exhaust 18b is transferred into alternate fuel 60 to assist in the volatilization of the same.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

The method of this invention is practiced by starting internal combustion engine 20 using starting fuel 24 obtained from starting fuel tank Grant Wood, has similar comments.

And if you generated energy from raw crude oil, without the need for refineries, this would satisfy many countries all by itself. The specific lengths of each colliding mass determines the type and the amount of discharge. The reaction chamber will thus usually be positioned in the exhaust conduit, whether an exhaust pipe, flue, chimney, etc.

Contracts are being prepared to utilize this technology on locomotives and power plants in other countries and the future looks promising.

For example, in one experimental run I was able to successfully operate an internal combustion engine using recycled motor oil. Most fuel burning equipment in use today is designed to burn a particular fuel.

A valve 42 controls the amount of exhaust 18a diverted into volatilization chamber This novel fuel pretreater enables the fuel burning equipment to utilize as fuels combustible products selected from material such as crude oil or recycled materials such as motor oils, paint thinners, solvents, alcohols, and the like and noncombustible products such as battery acid.

Parts List at bottom. Remove the mower blade and replace with a 12″ diameter steel disk flywheel of the same thickness as the blade for safety.

The engine will not run if the rod is put in backwards after it has a magnetic signature. Rather than heating the reaction chamber with exhaust gases from the fuel burning equipment being powered, and such heating is presently preferred because such heating is integrally a part of the equipment used which appears to provide optimum results, the reaction chamber could be heated by other means. In so doing one can increase the Plasma flow to a viable delivery state for commercial use.


The thermal pretreater may be mounted, preferably concentrically, inside the exhaust conduit to be heated by the exhaust gases. The savings aren’t that much on a small project like this. I am still seeking scientists, doctors, manufacturers, and all other professionals to assist me, not only in this but hundreds of other inventions and products and concepts.

In critical closed-cycle applications, the resulting carbonic acid could react with a metal such as zinc or magnesium to release hydrogen.

It has been found that in most cases the invention works satisfactorily without exhaust gas in the volatilized fuel. You can hang it from the mower handle if you like later after it’s started. The volatilized alternate fuel passes through this annular space where it is subjected to thermal pretreatment prior to being introduced into the intake system of the fuel burning equipment.

GEET Reactor Construction Details – Vídeo Dailymotion

If wet fuel gets on the reaction rod conshruction will stop running, you’ll have to dry your rod and hoses out. If the same or larger unit is chosen for the acid mix, the normal running temperatures are exceeded, and the balance of the plasma field is at its optimum performance when ambient air and the final discharge are at the same temperature, and air quality at both points are equal.

When the ideal plasma reaction has been created is the time to begin increase or decreasing all parameters involved at their respective equal, or balanced, increments to satisfy an increase or decrease in the plasma flow. For example, in one prototype of the invention, the end of the exhaust conduit 16 positioned adjacent the end of reactor 50 closest the exhaust manifold 30 maintained a temperature of between about Most professional plumbing supply stores stock higher quality parts compared to large home consrruction cheap plumbing parts.

Have fun with it and let us know how it works out! As such, I am able to achieve several highly desirable goals, namely, the extraction of valuable energy from alternate fuel while at the same time removing alternate fuel from the waste stream; or, in the case of crude oil, using this material directly thereby eliminating the need to subject the same to the expensive and capital intensive refining processes.

In the GEET device the plasma fields is generated internally. Therefore, both the water and the carbon dioxide are reduced, the exhaust becomes depleted in carbon dioxide and enriched in fuels such as carbon monoxide, fonstruction and methane.