The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed [Gavin Menzies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Tremendous. This guy. Ex-submariner Gavin Menzies attracted global attention with his eye-catching farragos “” and “”, books laying out how he imagined. Given the fevered nature of most works on Atlantis, it is slightly alarming to read this sentence: “In , as captain of the submarine HMS.

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Last year the Portuguese theory was still just a theory:. I, for one, have found out a great deal about the ancient Thera modern Santorini and the Minoans. The ensuing enquiry found Menzies and one of his subordinates responsible for a combination of factors that led to the accident, including the absence of the coxswain who usually takes the helm in port who had been replaced by a less experienced crew member, and technical issues with the boat’s telegraph.

Be the first to ask a question about The Lost Empire of Atlantis. The narrator did a great job. Menzies retired the following empie, and stood unsuccessfully as an independent candidate in Wolverhampton South West during the United Kingdom general electionwhere—standing against Enoch Powell —he called for unrestricted immigration to Great Britain, drawing 0.

The best things he had to add to the story of the Minoans, xtlantis the supreme importance of bronze as a material, which literally fueled the technological advances of the Bronze age, and may have driven the Minoans expert sailorsas far as the Great Lakes region of North America in search of the raw materials copper, tin, wood to make it.

Menzies has done a great job demonstrating that it is possible the Minoans were Atlanteans, and that they traded in America.

Review: Gavin Menzies’ “The Lost Empire of Atlantis”…

Menzies claims that knowledge of Zheng He’s discoveries was subsequently lost because the mandarin bureaucrats of the Ming imperial court feared that the costs of further voyages would ruin the Chinese economy.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It had been sitting out the centuries, but it was there, written in the colourful script of the Minoans.


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I am not knowledgeable enough to loost the accuracy of the evidence presented. Unfortunately, Menzies tends to get sidetracked, and meanders about talking about his personal travel experiences.

Retrieved 2 October I now think of the early Minoans and later Minoans.

His perspective from the Royal Navy allows him to look for evidence others have missed. These alone are intriguing. It covers a lot of the same territory, but in a much more compelling way. Your email address will not be published. This was all bruited in a televised documentary, Nick, so you may publish it with impunity. My favorite, where atlantjs cites a “USA Today article” as suddenly There are many interesting facts sprinkled in, but it felt to me that this book is a bit out there in terms of scientific robustness.

The losf of the volcano at Santorini Thera was followed by a tsunami that swallowed the center of the Minoan empire an sank it into the sea. Trivia About The Menzkes Empire o He painted a picture of a commodity, not unlike oil today, that drove the development of the world’s first intercontinental empire.

He tries to bring together facts and goes on to try to prove that the Atlqntis civilization had extensive sea faring abilities and that they might have discovered America way before Christopher Columbus. Gavin Menzies takes us on his journey to rediscover the Lost Empire of Atlantis. For one, he thinks not only that it was they who were the first Europeans to discover North America, but also that they mined and shipped out millions of tons of extraordinarily high-purity copper from beside Lake Superior.

There is no evidence that the native peoples used copper in any great amounts. Anyone interested in the history of Atlantis would greatly appreciate this book.

Now we know the Vikings arrived in the tenth century.


About Atlantis | The Lost Empire of Atlantis | | | Chinese Exploration | Gavin Menzies

Nov 20, Barbara Bengston rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He builds up on his theory that the Minoan empire was more accomplished that it is assumed. The Year China Discovered the World published as I do not remember feeling this way about The Year China Discovered the World”. I loved his enthusiasm and his acknowledgement of the role various experts played in research for this book; from archaeologists to linguists, from mathematicians to astronomers, the author quotes at length his source’s verification of his theories.

Where his speculation really starts to stretch credulity is when he claims that the Minoans sourced considerable amounts of copper from North America, regularly crossing the Atlantic to do so.

Gavin Menzies – Wikipedia

Although I enjoy any books about Atlantis, I prefer theories based on actual archeological evidence, which favor the ancient Minoan civilization based on the Mediterranean islands of Crete and Thera as the most likely basis for legends of Atlantis. The many stone circles found altantis Europe and elsewhere were observatories built by the Minoan empire specifically as navigational aids. First off, hats of to this guy. So we don’t really have much to go on in terms of contemporaneously recorded they had an alphabet accounts of the Minoan’s exploits and achievements.

Bull leaping is frequently depicted in Minoan art and believed to be part of ritual. This book would have been easily five stars if it had been cut in half. However, apart from being fairly entertaining in a “what if” kind of way-which is why I gave it 2 mdnzies book is complete applesauce.

But, although Menzies finds some seemingly compelling evidence to support his theory tavin the Minoans, it sometimes felt like a reach. Overall, I found it intriguing.