Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A former submarine commander in Britain’s Royal Navy, Menzies must enjoy doing battle. The amateur historian’s. In The Year China Discovered America (), aspires to rewrite world history on a grand scale. He maintains that Gavin Menzies)four Chinese fleets. On 3/8/, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. by Gavin Menzies by Gavin Menzies The Devil in the White City by Erik.

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On May 3, He is best known for his controversial book Do you remember Erich von Daniken?

Gavin is a phenomenon. But fun to think about nonetheless. Mar 25, Jason Koivu rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll overlook some speculation or inaccuracies if the actual evidence you DO have is compelling and you are just filling in some blanks. Sadly it became a long, non-stop series of suppositions along the lines of Chariots of the Gods.

You might need to read a copy of “Who Discover… https: For example, there is plenty of written and physical evidence that the Chinese were trading and sailing to the East African coast. But despite all of this evidence and even morehistorians aren’t rushing to rewrite the history books.

Perhaps by Menzies had reached the point of no return in developing his thesis of Chinese exploration of the world in Contribute to History Cooperative. Basically, no one disputes that the Chinese had this enormous fleet that set sail in and went across the Indian Ocean to the east coast of Africa.

Menzies doesn’t write with the care and deliberation of a historian.

Gavin Menzies – Wikipedia

The jury is still out on this one. Ina large Chinese fleet set sail and discovered the world.

Look, it’s an interesting 4121 that the Chinese could have sent an enormous fleet out to see what there was out there, and that they could have drawn up a map of everything, and then decided to close their borders and give up on ggavin outside world, and that the maps could have ended up in the hands of the European explorers, and that those explorers could have found knick-knacks that were Chinese and people who might have been descended from Chinese people who ended up there long-term one way or another.


Built by a Ming emperor to gather in tribute from the ends of the Earth, the fleet was one of the last acts of imperial hubris. There is no evidence that the Chinese ever employed this labor-intensive technique. For some reason, they didn’t stop anywhere in Europe. Menzies and the proponents of the theory say it does exist.

Gavin Menzies: mad as a snake – or a visionary?

Linux Tools for Monitoring and Peformance. Critical acclaim was anything but what I found. Menzies, 71, could have anointed his bruises, pulled up his stumps and gone to live in Venice on the proceeds ofsatisfied that his revisionist view of history had at least got a good airing. Columbus didn’t discover America on accident; he simply followed the map he brought with him.

I don’t think that means we should think less of the European explorers give Columbus his holiday back! It had long been in my cognizance that the Vikings had been to the Americas earlier.

First, it makes an extraordinary claim: My own environmental studies professor at Grinnell College pretty much discredited the whole Caribbean argument. They stole maps from the Portuguese a capitol crime at the timeand then altered the maps to fool the Spanish into thinking the Western route to the Spice Islands was shorter so they would finance Christopher’s expeditions. Some of the declarations are fairly easy to believe, such as the notion that the Chinese menzles well aware of the location of Australia.

I bought this book December on Indonesia Book Fair. For the sake of this review, let’s mejzies him “Uncle Gavin. His knowledge of currents and winds is far beyond that of a typical history scholar.

In any case, I was willing to go along with him at first, but it became apparent pretty quickly that things were spiraling out of control. The Year China Discovered the Worldin which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited the Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus inand that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan.

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Khalid makes a couple of points regarding potential holes in the theory. If the Chinese had landed in the Americas — let alone traded with and governed the people they found there, wouldn’t direct evidence of their presence remain?

Pseudoscience: Gavin Menzies: 1421 The Year China Discovered The World

Especially since the European influence has been stronger, even if it was not as nice as the Chinese who “colonized” America first. He also makes excuses for the Chinese for basic mistakes, “the land was connected b Poorly researched.

There are dozens of websites that seem devoted to proving him wrong–although there are also dozens of websites devoted to proving the moon landing wrong, too, so that doesn’t necessarily mean much. Instructors seeking to provide some light relief to a sometimes heavy-going subject also could encourage students to vie with one another in nominating the most peculiar or amusing passage in the book. This atlas is also known as the Mongol Atlas Their presence in east African waters in is well documented.

Ultimately, I feel he rushed to judgment. Making a career out of FOSS. Comments 1 Sabrina says: Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Point is, read this for fun, read for curiosity, but read with a skeptical eye, is all. He genuinely believes he is right and offers some very fascinating insights.

Menzies focuses on maps of the world made before the European explores were born and points to journals showing that Columbus, Magellan, Cook, and others had maps of the areas they were “discovering” before they ever set sail. In his opinion the Chinese fleets sailed around Cape of Good Hope, visited the coast of West Africa, the Cape Verde Islands where the fleet mehzies into a southern direction and a northern direction.

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