Gary Zukav’s timeless, humorous, New York Times bestselling masterpiece, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, is arguably the most widely acclaimed. The Dancing. Wu Li Masters. An Overview of the New Physics. Gary Zukav. A BANTAM NEW AGE BOOK. BANTAM BOOKS. NEW YORK • TORONTO • LONDON. The Dancing Wu Li Masters differs quite a bit from The Holographic Universe, but there is also a lot of . In short, Gary Zukav has written a very good book.

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He quotes the physicist David Bohm here to illustrate his claim about how the worldview of physics and Eastern mysticism might converge, but though he acknowledges that Bohm’s views are not widely accepted among physicists, he fails to mention that Bohm studied Eastern mysticism, which is why the language he used, as illustrated in the quotes, sounds like that of Eastern mystics.

Zukav seems to believe that most scientists don’t really think for themselves, but just accept what is said by those in authority; yet he quotes the philosophical views of famous physicists with approval, not because he understands the physics well enough to form an opinion, but simply because they’re famous physicists–whereas scientists today zuakv quite ready to say that Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, or any other famous figures were just plain wrong about some things, if that’s what they think.

Orbiting spacecraft still see small tidal effects due to the Earth’s gay, which is why a spacecraft not in orbit is a better choice for a truly inertial frame.

Frustrating because, something clicks, your mind abstractly grasps the idea, but when trying to convey these exciting new concepts to gry and loved ones, you feel grossly inadequate. Zukav participated as a journalist in a physics conference of eastern and western scientists at Danfing InstituteCalifornia ; and he used the occasion as material for his book.

If you want quantum mechanics, read QED by Feynman. On the other, it was really snooty about “those close-minded scientists” in a way that really made me angry.

And the author has done a brilliant job – – still so relevant even though the book is years old now! It also brought back horrific, repressed memories of reading The Holographic Universe a book in which the author had absolutely no knowledge of how either holographs or the universe might possibly work. Mathematics is not a single monolithic entity where everything has to play by the same set of rules; it is just a toolbox of useful abstract systems that mathematicians are expanding in an ongoing effort.

Hawking rushes through the history of physics so you really need Zukav as a primer. It does a pretty good job of discussing topic related to quantum physics in laymen language. I’ve figured out a logical progression: But it’s still a good book if approached with a certain diligence. It was tough reading a book concerning “new” physics written over 30 years ago. The scientific process of testing ideas and rejecting those that don’t match up with experimental results takes place for the most part out of sight of nonscientists, who see only the consensus that gets built up and refined over time, but someone who claims to be writing a book to expound physics to the lay person ought to be willing to go behind the scenes enough lli see the full process.


Sure, I was expecting a discussion of physics and its tie into the everything-ness philosophies of the world.

“The Dancing Wu Li Masters”

It hurts to think about it. The other thing that grates is that he thinks the book is very funny. Mar 20, Robert rated it liked it.

First of all, the proposition that “there is an external world which exists apart from us” is not an assumption of physics, either old or new: Many people believe that “discovery” is actually an act of creation. But I was more confused than before till I realized that there is fancing way around to understand God through New Physics.

By itself this is not necessarily a fatal error; after all, these abstract spaces can’t be visualized directly anyway, so we have to have some sort gaary crutch to make mental pictures dancin what we think might be going on.

It is possible that this is not Zukav’s fault–that he does believe that the philosophy he expounds is necessitated by the findings of quantum mechanics. Steven Weinberg, in his famous book on the Big Bang theory, The First Three Minutes which was published around the same time as masterss original edition of Zukav’s book, by the waysays that “the more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it seems pointless.

Not the whole of it Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism never interested mebut especially loved Mechanics.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text. In fact, it is possible that scientists, poets, painters, and writers are all members of the same family of people whose gift it is by nature to take those things This book was first published inmuch has transpired since then, so it is dated. Typical wacko hippie crap disguised poorly as quantum mechanics. So when he says that subatomic particles are “conscious” or that he believes in telepathy, it’s that much more frustrating.

It is either here or it is there, but it cannot be both here and there at the same time. Paperbackpages. Despite Zukav’s later avowals that he does consider “technicians” important, it is clear that he empathizes much more with the liberal arts–which may include what he calls “scientists”–than with the sciences.

For such a mystical sounding title, Zukav really doesn’t spend that much time discussing Eastern philosophy except to point out the obvious: There’s no such thing as matter, Damn G.


He gave it as an example of a trendy sort of pop philosophy, the basic idea of which was to take certain statements by prominent physicists about what they thought quantum mechanics meant, draw parallels with certain statements made by eastern mystics about their view of reality, and declare, in effect, that “Western science is finally catching up with Eastern thought,” as Hofstadter put it.

And that very well may be the exact point of the book, I’m aware. However, once again, as soon as he goes over into philosophy, he goes far masrers what is really implied by the theory that he is talking about.

Peter Donis Web Site – Philosophy Review: The Dancing Wu Li Masters

We are a part of nature, and when we study nature there is no way around the fact that nature is studying itself. Frustrating because, when read, you can’t help but get the endorphine, intellectual rush that demands you share the knowledge with all. Add reciprocal ACE info. In the interest of the thee hyperbole book review demands: Re-reading, I would not say the science it re-reveals to the “ordinary reader” is obsolete, rather, needs updates, but of course that is not the author’s fault.

The Aspect experiments in which Zukav also mentions in the edition of the book–it is interesting that here he has taken pains to update the content of the book from the original edition, which as I have noted, he does almost nowhere else were intended to definitively close the loopholes, and it was initially thought that they had; but theoretical work done in the ‘s has uncovered other possible ways out of the nonlocality conclusion that were not definitively ruled out by the Aspect experiments.

Their field of vision is relatively narrow; their energies are directed toward applying what is already known. The fact that Bohm read all of these deep philosophical implications into his theory does not mean they were really there. According to my sources, it does derive from resmeaning “thing”, but that’s the only root word–the word zu,av comes from the same source and was probably the earlier derived word, with “reality” having the adjectival ending “-ity” tacked on later. And I had never imagined that I will get back to it again.

The annoying this about this book is that mostly it’s wonderful. View all 21 comments. They follow rules of their own. The Wu Li Master dances with his thd.