View and Download FUTABA 12FG specifications online. CHANNEL COMPUTER SYSTEMS. 12FG Remote Control pdf manual download. 12fg, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 12FG User Manual. Get Futaba 12FG Instruction Manual. Get all Futaba manuals!.

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As an example Trim Mix 1 can be set up for and a slight amount of up elevator. Manhal easy in this menu. If a target time is set and the timer reaches the set etc.

GYRO mixing This function used to adjust gyro sensitivity. Page 38 Helicopter basic setting procedure This section outlines examples of use of the helicopter functions of the T12FG. Helicopter basic setting procedure This section outlines examples of use of the helicopter functions of the T12FG. 12gf

I often bring multiple things with me to the field when I fly. A needle curve can be set. However, if you’re adding your existing models to this transmitter it may be simpler to re-assign the functions than to redo the plugs in the receiver. For a transmitter to have so many features and still be so comfortable to fly without feeling bulky is really making the 12FG a pleasure to own. Page Operation modes The operation modes when stick, trim lever, or knob was selected are described below.

Don’t have an account? What that means is you can choose whether to get into DSS and when. Adjust the actual values, etc. So what does the 12FG from Futaba offer? The Model menu allows you to access all the common functions for your model.

Futaba 12FG User Manual | pages

Send it to the Futaba Service Center. When mounting the receiver and servos to the fuselage, ffutaba the necessary points in accordance with the kit instruction manual.


There is no ‘universal’ option available – you must choose from the stock templates, and your choice determines the number and type of stock mixers available. A typical menu screen is shown selection, frequency setting, end point setting, and below.

Either way, balance is acceptable. The System menus provide access to system-wide settings such as buddy-box setup, LCD contrast, system timer and so on.


No matter what you’re flying or the style in which you like to fly, you can setup the 12FG to control your model exactly as you like it. The pictures to the left are what you see when your selected model is an airplane in PCM mode.

Staffed by expert technicians and equipped with the most. The innovations don’t stop there. Mnaual Channel Setting Tool. Up to 3 rates can be set for each condition. The winglet is a vertical or manula extension at the tips of each wing.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

I guess this is what endears me to the 12FG. Trainer if MIX or the Instructor’s transmitter. Yet they all have one thing in common — they all need advanced radios to control them. Therefore, I set my dual rates to allow the control surfaces to only deflect a certain percentage for docile flying.

During this period, Futaba will. If you want it to be slower around neutral and faster near the end point, the AFR is your option. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. I’ve become so familiar with this airplane and set my expo so soft, I rarely use dual rates when flying it.


Remember that up to 30 model memories are available in the transmitter. First I put exponential in the ailerons, elevator and rudder.

Model addition and call available for helicopters. A needle curve can be set.

FUTABA 12FG Instruction Manual

This will not change the throttle ratchet, etc. Always read [Precautions when mounting the receiver and servos] or [Before using]. Mode A is conventional mode and displays the The frequency of the RDPS receiver is set maximum performance of the servo response to During formatting, the rectangular mark at the center of the screen moves. How will it enhance the enjoyment of my hobby? To add new models or to call a model already set, amnual the Model Select function of the Linkage Menu.

Don’t show me this message again. Also, transmitters are region-coded, so for example a UK supplied transmitter won’t work with a US module.

One Year Limited Warranty. Idle down setting The Condition Select function automatically allocates The idling speed can be lowered with one touch by is the default condition and is the only one active when a a switch without changing the throttle trim position. If you take the time to carefully label your models in the transmitter when setting them up, there is no mistaking which model you’ve selected, nor what frequency you’re using in that model.

This may be an issue if you intend to use this radio abroad. If there is a difference between this one and what’s in the Linkage menu, I am unable futaab figure it out.