Foundations Of The Stereoscopic Cinema has 1 rating and 0 reviews. (With an Appendix on 3-D Television) Lenny Lipton. it was amazing · Rating details . Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema: A study in Depth. Stock Image. Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema: A study in Depth: Lenny Lipton zoom_in. Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema: A Study in Depth by Lenny Lipton at – ISBN – ISBN – Van.

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At age 19, Lipton wrote the poem that became the basis for the lyrics to the song ” Puff the Magic Dragon “.

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He stereosfopic on to write books on independent filmmaking and become a pioneer in the field of projected three-dimensional imagery. His technology is used to show 3D films on more than 25, theater screens worldwide. Lipton majored in physics at Cornell University after starting out in electrical engineering.

A self-described “mediocre student”, he only excelled once he found a field he loved.

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Lipton now urges schools to be more “accepting of eccentric people with a different point of view because we are the people who make the difference. Lipton was 19 when he wrote the poem that was adapted into the lyrics for the song ” Puff the Magic Dragon “, performed by Peter Paul and Mary.


In the s, Lipton shot several experimental films on 16 mm stockmost with running times of less than 10 minutes.

Lipton on Filmmaking, a compendium of his magazine writings, was also published in Lipton is a pioneer in the field of projected three-dimensional imagery and is one of the creators of the electronic stereoscopic display industry. He drew his own 3D comics using red and green crayons on tracing paper, which founndations viewed using primitive glasses constructed of cardboard tubes and magnifying lenses.

Royalties from dtereoscopic the Magic Dragon” and Independent Filmmakingwhich remained in print for 20 years, gave Lipton an independent income that allowed him to follow his interests.

Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema : A Study in Depth by Lenny Lipton (, Hardcover) | eBay

His career in stereoscopic display began to gel around In one early stint, he served as the “convergence setter” for the 3D film Rottweiler: Dogs from Helldetermining for each shot the optimal distance separating the two camera lenses.


Previewing a scene from the film, technical staff from Universal were impressed by the stereoscopic imagery, but little else.

He built a prototype of a flicker-free, field-sequential 3D display system and founded StereoGraphics Corporation in to fund development. The system worked by doubling the display rate of images, thereby overcoming a cijema inherent in 3D motion picture projection, where each eye views only half the available images.

Lipton published his definitive treatment of the subject, Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema: A Study in Depthin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Inventor, Author, Songwriter and Filmmaker”.

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