Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary. Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison. The Caretaker’s Guide to Fablehaven. Fablehaven Book of Imagination. Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary is the fourth installment in The New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. Publisher’s Summary Brace. Who can stop the Sphinx? Can Vanessa be trusted to help? What artifact will be found next? Find out in Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

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Personally I am amazed at the detail Brandon Mull wrote about the dragons! The mission cannot proceed without stealing a sacred object zealously guarded fablhaven the centaurs. What I love about this series is how it builds a large plot through all 5 books.

For example, this book talks about things learned in books 2 and 3 about the artifacts and what they each do.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

I would recommend it for all ages from pre-teen to rocking chair old! The Society really overdid it this time around. The mission cannot proceed without stealing a sacred object zealously guarded by the centaurs. I’ll have to stand in line for volume 5 though, because all of my family are big Fablehaven fans too.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, by Brandon Mull. Honestly it wasn’t Seth–Seth, oh he’s definitely grown and I’ve gotten used to his unique brand of stupidity. They are based on existing types, and well blended with what might be considered “accepted” lore, and lesser known but pre-existing lore.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary – Wikipedia

Seth starts as an incorrigible, immature, and rather stupid 10 year old. To view it, click here.

Nov 23, C. Shawn Fisher a valentine is a pinkis red type of flower. He thinks before he acts. I almost didn’t want to finish this book, because I was afraid of who would end up betraying who next, and I almost couldn’t take it. Overview Brace yourself fabldhaven a shocking secret. I hope the conclusion keeps up with the quality of the series thus sqnctuary, it is one of my favorites to pass on to my customers so far.


I had a hard time putting this book down. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

All seeing crystal She gets overwhelmed and almost dies. Back at Fablehaven, another stingbulb infiltrates the group, this time in the form of Maddox. I can’t wait for the next and unfortunately last book in the Fablehaven series! The 13th Reality, Vol 2: This has certainly been one of my fave fablehaveh but something happened with dinged some starpower for me.

After centuries of plotting, the Sphinx—leader of the Society of the Evening Star—is after the final artifacts fragon to tbe the great demon prison, Zzyxx.

It gets me every time I read the series. Will Seth stay out of trouble? Two hidden artifacts have been found. Sure, his answers and actions were evasive and he always let out half the truth, but when Seth asked him if he fancied Kendra, how did he do it?

Return to Book Page. The race is on to acquire all five of the artifact keys to the great demon prison.

Will the Knights of the Dawn conquer Wyrmroost? The ending was a typical one for this series. Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

The group meets back up at the entrance to the temple. Rise of the Evening Star At the end of the school year, Kendra and her brother, Seth, find themselves racing back to Fablehaven. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I have to say I found it quite a beautiful place to be in, if you except the dangers you would encounter as a tresspasser. In the stress surrounding year twelve exams, this was the perfect reread.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary | Fablehaven Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Meanwhile, Seth helps the group strike a deal with Thronis to obtain some items from the Temple in exchange for their freedom. Cautiously, they head back and meet up with the rest of the survivors and head back home, with happy and relieved faces waiting. Seth is hiding in the magical knapsack. I read the first and adored it, the story was tight and unique and fast. Mull has given each character their own quirks, strengths and voice.


In this one they visit a preserve for dragons, wyrmroost, strange changes are wrought in Seth, and the society go farther than they ever have. I was able fsblehaven keep all the stories and characters straight easily.

Fablehaven, Vol. 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Aside from those two, Warren is probably my favorite. At the end of the school year, Kendra and her brother, Seth, find themselves racing back to Fablehaven. It’s safe to assume he saved the fxblehaven countless times in this book, and I was pissed off to the point of exploding every time they rejected his offer for help as a mere effort to get included sefrets an adventure.

TasyLaurel Dragon watch will include both seth and kendra, although it does seem like it will give Seth a larger role than in the Fablehaven books. When she uses the Oculus Kendra is not able to see anything that can help the Sphinx, and before he can make fableuaven do anything else against her will she manages to escape, thanks to the help of an unknown ally. Most books are fairly easy to predict and I appreciated that I couldn’t see it coming.